Thursday , 21 February 2019
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Google’s data saver mode in Chrome for Android will now save up to 70%

Google’s data saver mode in Chrome for Android will now save up to 70%

Google announced on Monday that it’s updated the data saver mode in Chrome for Android to save up to 70 percent of data when browsing web pages.

Users in India and Indonesia (two huge emerging markets for mobile, and Android specifically) will be the first to receive the new feature, with it rolling out to other countries in the coming months.

Tal Oppenheimer, Google’s product manager for Chrome, explained in a blog posting that it’s doing this “by removing most images when loading a page on a slow connection.”

From VentureBeat

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“After the page has loaded, you can tap to show all images or just the individual ones you want, making the web faster and cheaper to access on slow connections.”

While it’s not entirely clear how much data Chrome was saving users before this update in data saver mode, it was certainly less than 70 percent. Some sample screenshots from the app show savings of around 30 percent.

While Apple’s mobile Safari browser for iOS can now block ads, it doesn’t yet offer a dedicated data saver mode ala Chrome.

But data saving continues to be a trend as more of the emerging world comes online through cheap Android smartphones. Last week, Opera Software rolled out an update to its data-saving Android app Opera Max to include music-streaming apps.

Oppenheimer didn’t comment on when Google will bring the 70 percent savings to Chrome for iOS.

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