Thursday , 25 April 2019
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Google’s cloud steals more business from Amazon customers like Airbnb

Google’s cloud steals more business from Amazon customers like Airbnb

Google’s cloud steals more business from Amazon customers like Airbnb

Google’s cloud steals more business from Amazon customers like Airbnb

Above: Joerg Heilig, vice president of engineering for cloud developer experience at Google, speaks at the Google Cloud Platform Live event in San Francisco on Nov. 4.

Image Credit: Jordan Novet/VentureBeat

SAN FRANCISCO — If you’re looking for proof that Google’s public cloud is taking off, well, Google’s got you covered.

During the company’s Google Cloud Platform Live event, Google cited several examples of companies that had started to use the Google Cloud Platform in lieu of, or in addition to, the largest public cloud around, Amazon Web Services.

Among the Cloud Platform customers Google teased today were Airbnb, Atomic Fiction, Citrix, Netflix, and Rovio, all of which have come forward as Amazon cloud customers in the past.

And it’s not just the popular Google App Engine (GAE), one of the first platform-as-a-service clouds to hit the market, that companies are using. Home-sharing startup Airbnb, for instance, is going beyond usage of GAE and BigQuery service for storing and querying data.

“They’re using some GCE (Google Compute Engine),” Shailesh Rao, head of Google’s cloud business unit,” told reporters in a press conference today. “They just started using some GCE.”

Those are fighting words. Amazon has long touted Airbnb as a major user of its cloud. Now Airbnb appears to be using the cloud market’s highly competitive nature as a way to get great deals with cloud providers. Airbnb is already big and growing, so its business means real revenue. Plus, developers elsewhere could well interpret Airbnb’s trust of a cloud as an indicator of good quality. That’s why mentions of major Amazon cloud customers on Google have an impact.

And Airbnb isn’t just targeting Web companies.

Announcements like cloud credits and the Container Engine service suggest that Google wants business from startups, but new peering capability and alliances with partners like PwC show that Google also wants to win the trust of big companies like newly announced customer Office Depot.

Presumably over time Google will add customers from small to large, and analysts have already observed that companies are interested.

That means over the next few years Google should be able to shake off its appearance for some as a cloud provider with many features and partnerships but few major customers.

At least Googlers want to see that happen.

Google’s cloud is “starting to become interesting to larger enterprises as well,” Rao told reporters.

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