Tuesday , 19 February 2019
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Google rolls out new display ads for mobile

Google rolls out new display ads for mobile

Google is introducing new tools and four new mobile advertising formats today, available across Google’s Display Network, the AdMob Network, and DoubleClick.

The company announced the new formats in a blog post, and says they’ll roll out over the next few months.

Google’s new hard to miss formats include dynamically resizing ads that start out as a smaller ad and can expand to fill the entire mobile screen if clicked on. The company will also expand its in-app TruView video ads, previously available only in gaming apps, to more apps. Google is also launching anchored ads that stay fixed at the bottom of a screen as a user scrolls through an article, and magazine-style ads for mobile. Magazine style ads are already offered for mobile websites, but hadn’t made their way inside native apps until now.

The search giant’s new ad offering comes as Advertising Week, a giant conference with over 250 events, kicks off in New York. This is often a week where companies make big announcements around advertising. Just last night Facebook relaunched a new network called Atlas, bought from Microsoft last year, that offers highly targeted advertising.

Advertisers are keen to see which company will make mobile advertising more engaging for consumers as mobile use continues to grow.

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