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Google Play Store Cyber Weekend offers sweeping deals on all content

Google Play Store Cyber Weekend offers sweeping deals on all content

by Jon Mundy 27 November 2015

Cyber Week

Google has launched a wide-ranging selection of savings on content in its Google Play Store for Black Friday.

The internet giant is calling this spell of offers its ‘Cyber Week‘. It incorporates every type of content available in its Android app store – we’re talking music, movies, games, apps, and ebooks.

These offers range in scale, too. For example, on the music front you can purchase a handful of albums (a foreign concept for many millennials, we know) for just 99p each.

At the other end of the scale, there’s a deal whereby you can purchase any one album for half price. Choose a double album and you could be looking at a £7.49 saving here.

Another similarly great offer on the Google Play Store Cyber Week is 30 percent off any one TV season of your choice. There are also savings on movies, such as Big Hero 6 for £5.99 (down from £13.99), ace sci-fi film Ex_Machina for £3.99 (down from £7.99), or teen favourite The Fault In Our Stars for £3.99 (down from £13.99).

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Or, why not pick up a bestselling book for just 99p?

You can also grab some top games for a lot less than their normal price. We like the look of Dragon Quest VIII for £7.49, Final Fantasy VI for £5.49, and Ticket to Ride for £1.99. In each case, that’s around half price.

Google’s Cyber Week runs until December 1, so if you have an Android device, it’s time to go shopping.

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