Friday , 14 December 2018
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Google now lets you customize your OnHub router so it blends in with your home

Google now lets you customize your OnHub router so it blends in with your home

Earlier this year, Google launched OnHub, a new router that would defy all those that came before it. One of the main selling points at the time was that it was “really ridiculously good looking.” It does but that’s because it bucks the conventional design routers have had over the past few years. But not satisfied with having a unique shape, Google has introduced three interchangeable covers that can be affixed to the device in order for it to better blend in with your home.

The three covers are the ones produced by Google, but you can buy more colorful ones through the OnHub Makers site where the company asked artists and designers to come up with their own design.

Ben Brown, product manager for OnHub, wrote that routers aren’t the most sightly thing in the home, but because they function better out in the open, they could be a bit of an eyesore. From excess cables, blinking lights, bulky antennas, and internal wiring, this device just stands out — you know one when you see it. But that shouldn’t stop someone from finding a way to have it not be as conspicuous, right? The new skins, available in white and gold, black and silver, and bamboo, gives Internet users a better feeling that the router isn’t “just there.”

But if the three standard covers aren’t enough for you, check out the OnHub Makers site. Google asked a group of artists and designers to “reimagine the router and create unique shells for OnHub.” Some have used hand-blown glass to colorful paper mache to create one-of-a-kind concept designs. These artists will be selling their work on their websites and Google will be releasing 3D files, patterns, and design guidelines to let you create your own shell if you’re inclined.

Shells for the TP-LINK OnHub will be available starting at $29 on the Google Play Store in the United States. It doesn’t seem like Asus’ version will be supported right now.

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