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Google Maps can now earn you 1TB free Google Drive storage

Google Maps can now earn you 1TB free Google Drive storage

by Jon Mundy 16 November 2015

Google Maps

Google has unveiled a way to earn a massive amount of free Google Drive storage, among other benefits, through Google Maps.

The Local Guides programme has been running for a while now as a way of adding local knowledge to Google Maps listings. Now, Google has issued an update to provide even more of an incentive to contribute.

Google’s local guides now earn points whenever they submit reviews, upload photos, add new places, answer a question, or add details to existing Google Maps listings. Those points go towards unlocking a series of new perks.

Level one local guides get access to exclusive contests, which could win them Google devices. Level two is where things start getting interesting, with early access to Google products and features.

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From Level three, you get your own Local Guides badge when contributing. Level four is when that headline feature kicks in. This is where you get 1TB of free Google Drive storage.

Level five is as high as the new scheme goes, making you eligible to apply to attend Google’s inaugural Maps-related summit in 2016. Winners will get to explore the Google campus and mix with other top local guides.

It now appears to be well worth signing up to be a Google Maps Local Guide, in other words.

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