Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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Gear and Gadgets: Mobile memory for your devices – Richmond.com

Gear and Gadgets: Mobile memory for your devices – Richmond.com

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No matter how much you splurge on maximum internal memory, your smartphone or tablet will likely gorge on so many photos, videos, music, movies and/or apps that one day, without so much as a belch, it will be too full to take another bite. The Leef iBridge 3 Mobile Memory Drive (for iOS devices) or Bridge 3.0 (for Android) offers a solution.

With a lightning connector (or MicroUSB plug) at one end and a USB plug at the other, the diminutive “bridge” holds your choice of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of flash memory to keep the action going until you transfer content to a computer or other storage media at an opportune time. (You can also play back directly from the Leef memory drive.)

The iBridge 3 takes its orders via a free app; the Bridge 3.0 doesn’t need a proprietary app. You can instruct both whether to import or export memory, or just take in more — all without the need for an internet connection or cables.

The iBridge 3 curves behind an iOS device in a sleek “U,” from the lightning connection to the USB plug; the Android-friendly Bridge 3.0 has a more basic extend-and-stash design.

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