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gear 4

GEAR4 has introduced new smartphone cases that can take quite a beating.

The new D30 range implements smart material scientifically proven to deliver superior impact protection through advanced shock absorption. It’s all thanks to the D30 material found in helmets used by Olympic ski teams and the military. This is the first time D30 is being integrated into smartphone cases.

The result is an extremely slim and flexible case that really does protect your phone against pavements, gravel, marble floors and your face when your hand gives in.

Currently exclusively available at Carphone Warehouse with a variety of choice to suit certain lifestyles. Currently GEAR4 only has D30 cases for the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s, 6s Plus and the Galaxy S6 range.

We will be putting through it’s paces in our very own tests soon. It will get violent.

For more news, visit WhatMobile’s dedicated news page.

Via GEAR4.


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