Friday , 24 May 2019
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Funding Daily: Security, weddings, and valet parking

Funding Daily: Security, weddings, and valet parking

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Here’s today’s roundup of funding news. And yes, that is a wedding logistics company there pulling in $10 million, another wedding company getting $1.2 million, along with a company aimed at simplifying paying for valet parking that landed $3 million.

Nice work if you can get it.

Fortunately for our self-respect, the lead item is a company helping to make security better. Now that’s something all of us need.

The Michigan-based Duo Security announced today that it has raised $12 million in new funding led by Benchmark Capital.

Duo’s service helps companies keep their users safer by letting them deploy two-factor authentication into their products. This way, a company’s users can benefit from the extra security measure, and the company doesn’t have to build this in-house. Along with Benchmark, Google Ventures, True Ventures, and Radar Partners also contributed to this round of funding.

Read more on VentureBeat: On the heels of the iCloud security mess, Duo Security raises $12M for its two-factor authentication service

San Francisco-based startup HoneyBook announced today it has raised $10 million to help make the logistics of weddings and other events less memorable.

The invite-only platform is intended to redefine how event-oriented professionals conduct their business, including event planners, photographers, and florists.

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EdCast, a company that is creating a cloud-based vision of education that spans institutions, announced today that it has scored $6 million in funding. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company offers its Knowledge Cloud platform to increase educational collaboration between universities, companies, and governments. Partners include Columbia University, Michigan State, Trinity College Dublin, and the University of Botswana.

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CurbStand wants to make valet parking smoother, and today it is announcing $3 million in new funding to further that mission.

Based in Los Angeles — where else? — the company offers an iOS app that allows users to locate and pay a valet service.

Read more on VentureBeat: CurbStand picks up $3M to remove the ‘pain’ in valet parking is one of a new wave of companies addressing various aspects of patient wellness and engagement.’s uses a virtual nurse named Molly, who acts as the provider’s point of contact for patients. The San Francisco-based startup has now raised a new $1.25 million in venture funding from Launchpad Digital Health, Eastlink Capital Management, and several angel investors, CEO Adam Odessky tells VentureBeat.

Read more on VentureBeat: raises $1.25M for mobile ‘virtual nurse’ service

Wedding Spot nabs $1.2M

In case you’ve never done it, getting married is really expensive. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, so the parties involved often shell out megabucks to make it just right. The top expense on the list is usually the cost of the venue. And rounding up quotes and comparing venues can be a real hassle. Seizing on this pain point, the wedding venue shopping site Wedding Spot allows wedding shoppers to pick out, compare and price wedding venues in an orderly fashion. The startup has raised $1.2 million of a planned $3.4 million funding round, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The funding money will be in exchange for equity in the company, the filing states. So far, ten investors have contributed to the round.

Read the SEC Form D.

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