Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Foursquare is finally coming to the iPad

Foursquare is finally coming to the iPad

It took a while, but Foursquare is finally arriving on the iPad after years of sticking to smartphones.

The company will finally release its Foursquare (not Swarm) app for the iPad, Foursquare chief revenue officer Steven Rosenblatt said earlier today at Mashable’s Media Summit.

The app will arrive within a few weeks, he said.

Several months ago, the company decided to split its main product into two. Foursquare became a service for discovering and looking up local places and businesses (à la Yelp), and Swarm took over the company’s iconic “checking in” service.

And now that it’s split the two products, putting the new Foursquare app on iPad makes a lot more sense than thinking people will lug their tablets around to check in at coffee shops, music festivals, and so on. Browsing through restaurants and other places to check out during an upcoming trip, for example, is perfect for the iPad-holding people “sitting on their couches,” as Rosenblatt put it.

Swarm, however, won’t be joining the iPad train anytime soon, Rosenblatt said.

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