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Few Mobile Commerce Ideas that Never Get Stuck – BusinessZone (blog)

Few Mobile Commerce Ideas that Never Get Stuck – BusinessZone (blog)

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If you are contemplating the dive into the Mobile Commerce industry, well, you are on the right track. This is where business is happening. It is where the focus is. Though, if you think that succeeding is as easy as 123, then you are mistaken. The industry is so vast and requires skills and expertise to make it through. But not to worry, you are in the right place. Here, you will get the right direction that will help you stay on course.

Many are times that entrepreneurs think that all you need is probably a good product, an excellent site design and lovely professional photographs of your products. To some extent, this is likely to be true – if you are launching to people who love your products. However, to capture the attention of any other individual, you will need so much more than that.

Give Premature Product Info

For starters, before the launch of your online store, you need to secure the audience. What does this mean? It simply means that instead of focusing on your products to make them outstanding with a mind of impressing the intended audience during the launch, you go out there and introduce the product to people before the actual launch date.

This sounds crazy; right? It might sound crazy, yes, but it has proven to work extremely well. You are probably thinking – why should I let people know about the product before it’s out on the market? Let me give you a closer look into this.

You have a product that you think will impress people. Go out and share the product information with different individuals (mostly friends and anyone willing to lend an ear to listen) to get their reaction of what they think about the product (suitably a couple of months before the launch). Don’t worry about whether or not they are interested in the product, make it interesting for them. The people you talk to will talk to others about it and creates a chain and some sort of campaign around the product.

Remember in your campaign to let the people know about the launch date. With this, you will be surprised at just how many people will be at your launch. Try to avoid pulling illogical numbers out of nowhere and instead, focus on building a solid pre-launch list from the word go.

Work Backwards

When thinking of venturing into Mobile Commerce, the first thing you should have is a goal. The goal includes:

•    Reaching a target audience with your products and services
•    Getting your return on investment in the shortest time possible
•    Earning as many profits as possible
•    Maintaining a steady business flow

Ideally, these are some of the things that you should focus on. However, to get on top of your competitors, you will need to work in reverse of how they are working. It’s more like working against what your competitors are doing. Some of the ways to do this involve:

•    Sponsoring some smaller blogs that have passionate readers
•    Using Paid advertising options to get a wider audience
•    Using referral marketing techniques to tap into your friends’ networks

Put Fewer Efforts

You are probably thinking, how can I put little efforts and yet I want my mobile commerce endeavor to be successful? Well, less effort does not always mean failure. In fact, there are strategies that you can use, put very little efforts personally and end up gaining even more. How do you go about it? Here is how.

•    Befriending an extremely active niche group of knitters on social media such as Facebook and Instagram
•    Being exceptionally knowledgeable with paid advertising services
•    Having an eerie ability to sway the press
•    Hiring fresh talent that has a thirst/hunger to get noticed by what they are doing (hire new graduates or sharp college/university students and train them)

The idea is to identify a way by which you can maximize the results using very minimal efforts.

Sponsor an Event

Research on a number of activities that are related to your products. Although this might take some time, it is the difference between the event being a plus or a huge waste of time. Getting events that have people who will most likely also be interested in your product is your mobile commerce deal breaker. This is a perfect way to get people talking about your product and increasing your target market.

In the event you are sponsoring, dish out goodies. People will not only love you from the word go, but they will influence others to do the same.

Pull a Stunt

Being controversial at times pays. Just like viral videos, pulling a stunt has the capabilities of boosting your brand to be famous. If implemented well, you will definitely be on your road to instant publicity no longer having to worry about the orthodox time-consuming marketing strategies. In turn, you will get loyal customers and followers that will always stick with you.

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