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European Wax Center taps Oscars, Fifty Shades for brow campaign

European Wax Center taps Oscars, Fifty Shades for brow campaign

European Wax Center's Red Carpet Worthy Eyebrows ad campaign

European Wax Center’s Red Carpet Worthy Eyebrows ad campaign

European Wax Center’s Red Carpet Worthy Eyebrows ad campaign spanning the 2015 Oscars Awards and upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey is also leveraging NBC’s Fandango and remaining family of Web sites to drive ticket sales and waxing bookings.

EWC will likely be more recognized since its efforts will surround upcoming mainstream events. Furthermore, the mobile angles of this campaign will reach younger, technologically inclined consumers.

“European Wax Center is in a unique position to own the conversation around eyebrows at the Oscars,” said David Coba, CEO and co-founder of European Wax Center. “As the Experts in Eyebrows, it’s only natural that we recognize the best eyebrows on the Red Carpet and tap into conversations that are already in play around celebrity eyebrows in beauty and fashion.

“We’ll then take it further by making those Red Carpet eyebrows accessible to all, any time of the year, through European Wax Center,” he said.

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Omnichannel efforts
The campaign hopes to emphasize how women can look red-carpet ready everyday with the help of EWC’s experts. The ads show an up-close image of a female’s face, highlighting her eyebrows, and reads, “Red Carpet Brows? Done. Your first wax is on us.”

EWC’s brow ad

The campaign will initially take off at the end of the month and will continue through March. Ads will run in cinemas with NCM Media Networks for two weeks upon Fifty Shades of Grey’s release Feb. 13. Also, agency partner Spark worked to focus this campaign exclusively to the film, resulting in EWC being one of the first advertisers to target a single relevant title, according to the brand.

This portion of the campaign aims to speak to how NCM Media Networks and the industry are investing in precision marketing to best meet client needs and to speak to an audience when and where it is most receptive. By partnering with NCM Media Networks, the ad will run in 189 theatres across the U.S., which equates to more than 19,000 screens.

The ads will also be visible on Consumers that purchase Fifty Shades of Grey tickets, review the movie on Fandango or visit one of NBC’s Web sites will be served the ads.

For its efforts surrounding the Oscars, the ads will run within the March issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine to surround pre-event content.

Agency partner Spark will utilize programmatic technology to reach EWC’s audience wherever they are on the Web while still surrounding red carpet content. Finally, believing that Twitter is key during tent-pole events for its target, EWC will utilize a SMG proprietary tool to amplify tweets across the Web.

Print and Web ads entice customers to let EWC’s experts give them perfect brows through their “Four Steps to Beautiful Brows” process. Bringing in the ad or using the promo code gets customers $5 off. Users can make a reservation at

Print and online ads

EWC serviced more than 6.9 million customers in 2013, including 1,657,938 eyebrow waxes.

Success so far
Recent executions of mobile ads are enabling interactive experiences, helping brands create more loyal users.

For example, film studio StudioCanal’s video ad campaign in Britain for its film, Imitation Game, garnered a positive response, including a 99.5 percent user completion rate, and delivered nearly 60 hours of brand engagement.

The campaign was launched to raise awareness of the film’s release and drive online views of the trailer. The video ad was delivered to consumers that are known to enjoy seeing movies in theaters on reflective Web sites, including Empire, Grazia, Q and Mojo magazines (see story).

Also, brands including NBC Universal and Electronic Arts are seeing quantifiable results from their advertising efforts on Snapchat, which garnered a receptivity rate that was more than three times the normal, according to a new report from Millward Brown that was sponsored by the social media app.

Marketing on social media platforms is still relatively new, and accurately measuring the impact of these efforts continues to be a challenge since how consumers engage on these platforms is still being explored. To get consumers’ attentions, brands increasingly look to provide interactive experiences, a capability that Snapchat is able to host (see story).

Since the ads mirror entertaining content, it is more likely to resonate with consumers.

“The campaign strategy took a page out of the great movie awards,” said Scott Goodson, founder of StrawberryFrog, the creative agency behind European Wax Center’s new campaign. “It features a commercial of a girl with the most beautiful eyebrows strutting down the street and as she walks, a red carpet unfurls beneath her feet.

“The dynamic use of slow-motion footage combined with master camerawork, creates a striking and visually appealing spot that clearly reinforces the campaign’s core message: red carpet worthy brows for every woman, every day,” he said.

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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