Wednesday , 24 July 2019
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EU issues no deal warning: UK faces losing health care, new checks and free mobile roaming

EU issues no deal warning: UK faces losing health care, new checks and free mobile roaming

The Brussels-based executive published a series of warnings to tourists planning to travel if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal on April 12. British travellers and their pets will be subject to additional checks in the event of no deal, according to the Commission documentation. Most significantly, British holidaymakers will lose out on their access to the European Health Insurance Card, which provides free or cut-price medical care in all 28 EU member states.

The Commission plan says: “As a UK national you will not be able to access healthcare in an EU member state on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card.”

Officials recommend “taking out private travel insurance” as a consequence of the decision.

Holidaymakers from the EU27 will also be affected by the changes while travelling in Britain.

“EU citizens will no longer be able to access healthcare in the UK with their European Health Insurance Card,” the document notes.

“Check with your health insurance provider if emergency medical expenses in a non-EU country are reimbursed.”

British mobile network providers will no longer be expected to maintain their “roaming” services in EU countries, which affords Britons free calls, texts and internet access in Europe.

“Companies providing mobile communications services will no longer be bound by EU roaming rules,” the Commission memo reads.

“This means that these companies may apply surcharges to UK customers using roaming services in the EU.”

British travellers will also face extra checks when entering the EU, which includes being asked the purpose of their visit and whether they can sustain themselves financially.

The note reads: “As a UK national, you will no longer be entitled to use the operate EU lanes at EU border crossing points, and you will be subject to additional checks that you did not have to go through before the UK’s withdrawal.

“In particularly, border guards may ask you to provide information, for instance on the duration and purpose of your stay, as well as on your means of subsistence during your stay.”

Visitors will also be given an entrance and exit stamp in their passport, meaning

EU officials have conceded that the chances of a no-deal Brexit are “increasingly likely” as MPs hold off on supporting Theresa May’s draft withdrawal agreement in Westminster.

One EU source added: “We are ready.”

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