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Ericsson launches OPNFV certification program

Ericsson launches OPNFV certification program

Published on: 3rd Nov 2014

Ericsson, a platinum member of Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization (OPNFV), has launched an OPNFV certification program. The program will create an environment to ensure NFV solutions and infrastructures are compatible with emerging NFV standards and the open source OPNFV reference platform.

OPNFV is a collaborative project hosted by The Linux Foundation in which the carrier and vendor communities are working together to advance the evolution of NFV and ensure consistency, performance and interoperability.

OPNFV will be a carrier-grade, integrated, open source reference platform to allow operators to accelerate introduction of new products and services and reduce costs.

Multi-vendor interoperability is a key requirement for telecommunications, and Ericsson provides testing and verification services for both carriers and vendors around the world. By leveraging the existing multi-vendor and interoperability capabilities, Ericsson will make the program available from two lab facilities – one in the US and one in Europe – and globally via a distributed cloud environment.

Paolo Colella, Vice President and Head of Consulting and Systems Integration at Ericsson, says: “The OPNFV certification program will certify vendors for compliance with the NFV standards being developed on the OPNFV reference platform. Ericsson is a firm believer in the potential that NFV holds for telecommunications, and this certification program is one of the concrete steps we are taking to hasten its adoption.”

The OPNFV certification program will validate workload portability, flexibility, scalability, and full-stack interoperability of features, functions and interfaces, in addition to benchmarking performance where relevant. Ericsson welcomes customers, partners and other members of the OPNFV community to discuss their requirements for processes, methods and tools.

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