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EE tunes into TV with mobile centric offering

EE tunes into TV with mobile centric offering

EE launches its own set-top box

EE TV to offer more than 60 free channels, as well as on-demand and catch-up services, but customers will be able to continue to watch these programmes on their mobile device when they leave the room or premises

EE has launched its own set-top box this morning in a move seen as to keep pace with telecoms rivals such as BT and TalkTalk.

EE TV, which has been a year in development, will offer more than 60 free channels, as well as on-demand and catch-up services via the internet, such as BBC iPlayer. Others, including ITV Player and 4 Demand, are not yet available.

Customers will be able to record 600 hours of television programming, which EE claimed is twice as many as its rivals.

EE customers will also be able to continue watching live or on-demand programme on their mobile or tablet when they leave rooms or the premises. This is becuase they are kept on the set-top box memory and available via the internet.

The mobile device can also act as a remote control via an app that will show previews of what is on other channels.

The set-top box is made by French company Netgem, which is already in partnership with Orange. It has four HD tuners, a 1TB hard drive and dual-band WiFi.

According to Netgem’s website, the system lets up to four devices stream four different programmes simultaneously, and also record four programmes at the same time.

Sources claim EE held talks with them earlier this year but had decided to launch its own technology.

EE TV will be available “shortly” throughout the operator’s 600 plus retail stores across the UK. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but will be “competitive.”

EE CEO Olaf Swantee said: “EE stands for innovation. We are very proud of what we have done and will take it further into the category of home. Today we are taking EE somewhere completely new with EE TV, a new TV experience.

“People are spending less time with their families in front of a single screen. Long nights in front of one screen are ending.

“We believe based on these trends it’s time for a new era, with absolute flexibility, multi screen and true value for money with mobile at the heart of the experience.”

EE chief marketing officer for brand and consumer Pippa Dunn said: “EE TV has all the things you’d want and more. You never have to worry about arguments over the TV schedule again. ”

“Your phone becomes the remote control – the ‘digital remote’. We are bringing about a new era as you can now wave goodbye to the TV remote.”

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