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Edward Snowden-endorsed chat app Signal out now on Android

by Jon Mundy 03 November 2015


The encrypted chat app favoured by arch whistleblower/privacy activist/traitor (delete according to opinion) Edward Snowden has now made its way to Android.

Signal from Open Whisper Systems was released on iOS around six months ago. Now it’s available to download for free on the Google Play Store.

It actually represents the coming together of two of the company’s separate pre-existing apps: TextSecure and RedPhone. The former app handles text and the latter calls.

The result is one almighty encrypted communications app. So almighty, in fact, that it is the messaging app of choice for Edward Snowden himself.

“I use Signal every day. #notesforFBI (Spoiler: they already know),” tweeted Snowden recently.

Signal works with your existing address book, so there are no separate login procedures necessary to use it. All communication handled through Signal is end-to-end encrypted, which means that said data is encrypted on your phone before being sent. As a result, it’s virtually impossible for anyone – even Open Whisper Systems itself – to listen in.

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All of the developer’s code is free, open source, and readily available. This has enabled it to be scrutinised by experts such as Snowden himself.

Existing users of RedPhone will be prompted to download the new, stand-alone Signal app, whilst TextSecure users will simple need to update it.

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