Friday , 14 December 2018
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Early Internet of things startup Berg, maker of the ‘Little Printer,’ is shutting down

Early Internet of things startup Berg, maker of the ‘Little Printer,’ is shutting down

Berg, an early player in the connected hardware game, today announced it has “not reached a sustainable business
in connected products” and will shut down after operating for nine years.

London-based Berg shares that its former flagship product, the Little Printer — a rather cute Web-connected printer — will “run till March next year,” and will be kept alive by a “skeleton crew.” It appears the company’s goal is to sell or open-source the Little Printer’s underlying technology before then.

Although Berg received quite a bit of attention when its Little Printer first debuted in 2011, the device fell out of the limelight after it formally launched a year later. The Little Printer initially launched with big-name partners like Foursquare, Google, the Guardian, and Nike.

Afterwards, Berg worked to expand its connected hardware business — an effort which ultimately didn’t work out in the end. Prior to launching the Little Printer, Berg created Mag+, which it called “the first magazine platform for the iPad.”

Berg cautions, however, that it is going into “hibernation” and is “wrapping up for this incarnation,” leaving open the possibility that the company will relaunch or pivot after shuttering its existing operations. We’ve reached out to Berg for comment on the matter and will update this story when we hear back.

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