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In a pretty solid marketing coup, Samsung has roped in top street magician Dynamo to show off the Galaxy S7 camera tech in a selection of photographic illusions.

The electronics giant has posted a fresh video online showcasing him doing what he does best; confusing the crap out of people. Samsung’s marketing team has always been a force to be reckoned with and this latest promo will surely go down well in the UK, where Dynamo is most popular. As for across the pond, we’re not exactly sure if it will have the same effect, though it’s definitely more of a regional campaign than anything else.

All pictures were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S7 and represent what he’s calling “everyday illusions”, essentially using perspective trickery to contort our perception of scale within the image. While not all of the photos are particularity great, some are quite decent. This is just another example of the quality you can get from those little candy-bars we carry around in our pockets.

For more on Samsung, visit What Mobile’s dedicated Samsung page.

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