Tuesday , 19 February 2019
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Dutch still lukewarm about curved screens – Telecompaper

Dutch still lukewarm about curved screens – Telecompaper

Will smartphones with curved displays reach the mainstream? Consumers have not yet made their mind about the matter, according to research by Telecompaper, conducted among its Consumer Panel in September. Samsung and LG introduced smartphones with curved screens last year, with Huawei and Xiaomi also planning to release similar devices. Still, most manufacturers are sticking to standard displays, not only because it is more practical, but also cheaper.

Although the market for smartphones with curved screens is still taking baby steps, the outlook is positive. IHS recently released the results of a global survey, looking at this type of smartphone. The study expects foldable displays will account for 51 percent of the total number of displays for mobile devices shipped in 2020. Not only will established handset manufacturers increasingly use such displays, but start-ups also will use them to come up with new applications.

Mainly not practical

More than a third of Dutch people find a curved screen is neither pretty not practical. Young people in particular find them unattractive, with older people caring less about such matters. It is striking that Dutch people aged 20-47 do find the designs more attractive than average. Especially, most Dutch don’t believe curved displays are practical. On average, only 3 percent believe they are, with the percentage particularly high among youth. Only 8 percent of Dutch people believe a smartphone with curved display is both beautiful and practical. There is little difference in perception between men and women. A few more men believe curved devices are more practical, with 5 percent, compared to 2 percent of women.

Type of device

Telecompaper also examined to what extent the type of device would affect people’s opinions of smartphones with curved displays. Almost one third of Samsung owners do not find curved beautiful or practical. The number rises to 42 percent for iPhone owners. Only 6 percent of iPhone owners curved screens beautiful and practical, compared to 9 percent of Samsung owners.

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