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Digital Goodie, Zebra Bring Loyalty to Mobile Commerce – Payment Week

Digital Goodie, Zebra Bring Loyalty to Mobile Commerce – Payment Week

August 6, 2018        
By: Steven Anderson

Rewards programs, or loyalty programs as some call them, are one of the greatest complementary goods mobile payments has ever known. Adding a rewards program to a mobile payments system, or even just to a standard e-commerce tool, improves the chances of repeat business and a business keeping the doors open, metaphorical or physical. That’s why a recent announcement from Digital Goodie, sent our way recently, detailing its new enrollment in the Zebra Technologies Partner Connect program is so worthwhile.

Thanks to the new affiliation, Digital Goodie is now on Zebra’s roster of independent software vendor (ISV) partners, a move that gives Digital Goodie access to a much wider range of possible users. Being part of Zebra’s Partner Connect operation allows the partner in question access to all of Zebra’s partners, a list that–as evidenced by this new arrival–is only growing. Since Zebra is already the world’s largest operator of retail technology for store and warehouse digital enablement–it counts 95 percent of the entire Fortune 500 to its credit–that makes it a powerful ally to have.

Kalle Koutajoki, Digital Goodie’s CEO, noted “…With our most advanced fulfillment solution on the market and with our extensive partner network, we are fully equipped to help retailers to carry out the changes needed to be part of the disruption changing the way retail operates. Managing order fulfillment complexity is what we do best, and the partnership with Zebra is a great new opportunity for us to expand our customer network. We are very excited to be in the program.”

This is a good arrangement on both sides. Maybe Zebra didn’t need the extra partnership, but it can hardly hurt as long as Digital Goodie’s material is worth handling. Since it likely is, that meant one more thing that Zebra can offer its vast network of partners. Digital Goodie, meanwhile, gets in on a huge new operation and can deliver its value to that massive pool of users.

There’s nothing quite like a win-win situation, and the Digital Goodie / Zebra operation should certainly qualify. Mobile payments users may well be able to get in on this action too; with so much of the Fortune 500 represented here, there should be some significant modifications to buying–and rewards–coming down the pike.

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