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Creating indispensible apps: How to own your customers (webinar)

Creating indispensible apps: How to own your customers (webinar)

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When it comes to sharing their message, marketers have an endless buffet of paid and owned platforms to choose from, but making sure they’re selecting the right ones in the best ways can create indigestion if they don’t forge long-term relationships.

From Facebook Notify to Twitter to traditional advertising mediums, cross-platform publishers serve up an overwhelming smorgasbord of options. Internally, marketers increasingly add mobile apps to the menu, along with staples such as email lists, social media, and text messaging for customer interactions.

From VentureBeat

Customers don’t just get irritated when you screw up cross-channel personalization. They jump ship. Find out how to save your bacon on this free research-based webinar with Insight’s Andrew Jones.

However, relying too heavily on paid catered solutions removes marketers from direct relationships with their customers.

“Looking out over the landscape, it does look like there are plenty of opportunities for marketers to latch themselves to other [platforms] like… Facebook’s new Notify service,” says VentureBeat writer Mark Sullivan in the webinar, “Own Your Audience: Making your app indispensable to customers.”But the whole experience is owned by Facebook; the user isn’t linked to the marketer’s site.”

While paid marketing (aka advertising) is invaluable, marketers must balance this asset with their direct or owned marketing, says webinar panelist Michael Becker, managing partner and co-founder at mCordis. The goal, after all, is to bring consumers into your direct circle, where you control the message and the medium.

“The challenge with paid media is you tend to be a tenant farmer at best,” says Becker. “You’re going to be using your paid media channels to drive them into your own media channel.”

Owned media gives companies the biggest uplift and differentiation advantage, says panelist Doug Roberge, strategic services consultant at Kahuna. It also places the entire onus on marketers. To succeed, enterprises must engage in thoughtful, useful, and helpful interaction with customers, he says. This messaging also should be personalized in tone and delivery, adds Roberge.

“We don’t want to send all our consumers the same promotion at 11 a.m. It’s a poor experience and it doesn’t add value and it maybe sends the wrong message about your brand,” he says. “It starts with the data. Understand that cross-channel data. Know when to send that message. A key element here is making sure that you’re listening after you communicate. You really need to listen to effectively communicate.”

While data may determine it’s most effective to wait a particular length of time for a follow-up email after customers abandon shopping carts, data and automation also allow businesses to further personalize these messages, says Sullivan.

“If you’ve learned over time that [a] consumer does, in fact, respond more often in 2, 3, 4 minutes, whatever it is, then their individual profile takes precedence over everything else,” he says.

With so many data points coming in from multiple channels, it’s impossible for marketers to successfully track this information without automation, the panel agrees. By 2020, Gartner estimates the average consumer will have about 140 sensors associated with them, says Roberge. Add that to all the other data marketers can gather from paid and owned sources and brands have a recipe for each individual’s preferences — if they can sort through all this information.

“My takeaway from this is, as we get lower down into the funnel, and talking about performance marketing and conversion, then this type of intelligence, this type of automation, is crucial,” says VentureBeat’s Sullivan.

Automation plus the right blend of paid and owned marketing is, the panel concurs, the recipe for success, the way to cook up indispensible apps that suit consumers’ individual palates.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

Balance the advertising (paid) and direct (owned) marketing in your overall marketing mix

  • Enhance your paid and owned media and connect with individuals
  • Learn how communication automation reduces engagement friction and opens the door for a rich dialog
  • Anticipate the consumer demand for individualized messages and how that impacts engagement and commerce


Michael Becker, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, mCordis
Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant, Kahuna
Mark Sullivan, Writer, VentureBeat


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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