Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Comcasting a shadow over EU telecoms

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The auction for Sky had media types burning the midnight oil over the weekend. Now the dust has settled it is worth considering that the deal also has serious implications for the telecoms sector given Sky’s position as the second largest broadband company in the UK. 

If Disney had prevailed then the presumption was that Sky’s 6m broadband customers would have to find a new home as the prospect of a ‘House of Mouse ISP’ seemed far fetched. Yet Comcast is America’s biggest broadband company and is widely expected to ramp up the telecoms side of the company it is in the process of swallowing for £37bn. 

At the very least we can expect to see Sky branch out into business telephony given Comcast’s prowess in the US in that market. It could also look to go harder on mobile with Sky’s foray thus far relatively underwhelming.

Yet others think Comcast may ultimately have bigger plans and could look for options to expand the telecoms business into Sky’s other markets, notably Germany. 

Don’t hang up the phone on this saga. 

Flag as Important

Map’s Bad Rap Why doesn’t Google Maps provide safer walking directions to women, or indeed anybody else, at night? It knows where we are, it knows what time the sun sets. It knows the population density of the area, and crime statistics are geotagged and publicly available in most major cities. It can even see which areas people walk through with impunity during the day but avoid in the dark.

Softly, softly pricee SurveyMonkey Online survey company SurveyMonkey has joined the list of private technology companies that have been forced to take a hit to their valuations to make the shift to Wall Street. It priced the shares in its initial public offering at a level that valued it at $1.25bn. That is nearly 40 per cent below the $2bn valuation it achieved four years ago, after its last fundraising round as a private company.


Patent Wars Part 893 Qualcomm has accused Apple of stealing proprietary software and sharing it with the rival chipmaker Intel as part of a scheme to reduce Apple’s reliance on Qualcomm technology. The dispute has been raging since last year with the latest salvo, filed in court documents, accusing Apple of “deceitful conduct”. Apple argues that Qualcomm’s business practices are illegally harming Apple and the entire tech industry. (NYT)

Whatever happened to progressive VC heroes? The winding down of Social Capital draws a curtain over an unusual period in the history of venture capitalism as the wave of progressive funds ruled by charismatic young leaders promising to change the world ebbs away. (TechCrunch)

Tech tools you can use — Stormtrooper POWERbot

Is this the droid you’re looking for? Stormtroopers have sucked at many things from hitting targets to walking through doors. Yet this Stormtrooper sucks 20 times more than any of its rivals according to Samsung which has created a robotic vacuum cleaner for Star Wars fans looking to part with their money. There’s even a Darth Vader version for those hard to reach areas. 

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