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China Mobile Launches 4G Roaming in 71 Countries and Regions

China Mobile Launches 4G Roaming in 71 Countries and Regions

Published on: 11th Mar 2015

China Mobile’s 4G network has accumulated over 100 million domestic users since its launch in December 2013 and opened 4G international roaming services in 71 countries and regions, Sha Yuejia, Vice President of China Mobile has announced.

“The development of TD-LTE in the past year exceeded our expectation. It only took China Mobile one year to build the biggest 4G network in the world,” Sha Yuejia said.

By the end of January 2015, China Mobile has built over 700,000 4G base stations, and realized continuous coverage in most cities and counties as well as hotspot coverage in developed villages and towns. The sales of 4G terminals exceeded 100 million and its 4G users topped 100 million as well. Around the globe, China Mobile has launched 4G international roaming services in 71 countries and regions.

Speaking of plans in 2015, Sha noted that China Mobile plans to build 1 million 4G base stations by the end of the year and realize full coverage in the country; step up efforts to expand the coverage of LTE international roaming services and strive for 100% coverage in countries and regions with adequate conditions; increase the terminal sales by 250 million, among which the sales of 4G terminals would reach 200 million; and expand the 4G customer base to 250 million.

In network technologies, China Mobile will accelerate the commercialization of LTE-A, and increase the rate from 100Mbps to 200Mbps, 600Mbps and even 1Gbps somewhere down the road. Meanwhile, the company will promote the development of technologies including 3D-MIMO, network optimization with big data, interference elimination, NFV and SDN.

In terms of terminal related technologies, China Mobile will further support the TDD/FDD integration and enable more terminals and chips that support mainstream modes and frequency bands, VoLTE, RCS and key features of LTE-A.

With regard to services, Sha pointed out that China Mobile has been focusing on the commercialization of Converged Communication and the exploration of information services such as Internet of Vehicles, Mobile Healthcare and Mobile Education.

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