Thursday , 13 December 2018
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EE activates LTE-A in Central London

EE launches 4G+ in Central London EE has launched LTE-Advanced, which it is branding ’4G+’, at some 150 sites across London, declaring the UK has “gone from a laggard back to being a leader.” As reported previously by, the new faster speeds are facilitated by carrier aggregation (CA) over the combination of 20MHz of 1800MHz and 20MHzof 2.6GHz spectrum. ... Read More »

Q3 smartphones – Android still dominant but Samsung feeling the heat

The LG G3 seems to be selling well As the Q3 earnings season unfolds, the quarterly smartphone vendor shipment numbers are trickling out. Market trackers such as Strategy Analytics and IDC have yet to release their preliminary numbers, but there’s already enough information out there to form some early conclusions. Apple has already announced Q3 iPhone shipments of 39.3 million ... Read More »

Carrier aggregation or carrier aggravation?

The concept of carrier aggregation is getting a lot attention periodically invites expert third-party contributors to submit analysis on a key topic affecting the telco industry. In this piece Richard Jacklin FIET, Head of Business Development at Anite, takes a closer look at carrier aggregation and how to ensure it delivers on its promise.   Carrier Aggregation – one ... Read More »

Q3 mobile driving growth for Facebook, Twitter user numbers disappoint

Mobile is growing for Facebook Facebook has reported third quarter results, again showing strong year-on-year growth in mobile, where daily active users (DAUs) rose by 39% to 703 million, while overall daily users rose 19% to 864 million DAUs. The social networking site also reported 59% revenue increase compared to Q3 2013. Advertising revenue increased 64% to $2.96 billion of ... Read More »

Alcatel-Lucent, Internet Society develop internet exchange for SE Asia

Alcatel-Lucent and the Internet Society will facilitate superfast broadband in Thailand The Internet Society and Alcatel-Lucent have agreed to provide support and equipment for the development of the Bangkok Internet Exchange Point (BKNIX). The project will utilise the Internet Society’s Interconnection and Traffic Exchange (ITE) programme and is intended to deliver a stronger and more robust Internet infrastructure for South ... Read More »

AT&T’s LTE network Connected 500K Cars in Q3

AT&T’s LTE network Connected 500K Cars in Q3 Connected cars are starting to rev up for AT&T, the operator said on its third-quarter earnings call on Wednesday afternoon. Automakers such as Audi and General Motors started this summer to deliver cars that connect to AT&T’s LTE network, and act like a “hotspot on wheels” for the driver and passengers. AT&T ... Read More »

Why LTE Isn’t a No-Brainer

Why LTE Isn’t a No-Brainer If you don’t own something, you don’t really control it. This logic is a major reason why some utility companies want to own cellular networks rather than buying service from mobile operators. Utilities don’t want to compete with a public network’s other customers for bandwidth in the aftermath of a storm or other major event. ... Read More »

Verizon Crafting OTT Business Models

Verizon Crafting OTT Business Models Heartened by the recent à la carte move of HBO and CBS, Verizon is now working with its content partners to fashion business models for its own planned OTT ventures. On the company’s earnings call Tuesday, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) EVP & CFO Fran Shammo said Verizon is looking at delivering over-the-top (OTT) video ... Read More »

China’s MVNOs

China’s MVNOs It didn’t take long: The wheels have already fallen off China’s new MVNO sector, which was intended to spark competition and innovation in the sluggish state-dominated industry. (See Year of the Horse: Can China Telecoms Break Into a Gallop?) The dozen MVNOs that have started service since March have signed up just 400,000 customers — a rounding error ... Read More »

Huawei claims breakthrough in 100Gbps-PON technology

Huawei claims 100Gbps-PON breakthrough Huawei has claimed a breakthrough in 100Gbps-Passive Optical Network (PON) optical access. The technology uses a hybrid time-division and wavelength-division architecture to support 4 x 25Gbit/s downstream rate and a 4x 10 Gbit/s upstream rate thus, according to the company, enabling 100Gbps access rate per port on existing optical distribution networks (ODNs). “Ultra-broadband has become a ... Read More »