Friday , 22 June 2018
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CenturyLink announces expansion into China

CenturyLink will host services in Shanghai The business arm of American telco CenturyLink has announced the expansion of its managed services availability into the Chinese market. The announcement marks a potentially significant step for Western businesses moving into the worlds’ second largest economy. Managed hosting, security, cloud and networking solutions will be available to customers based in China, via a ... Read More »

Hungary generates €418 million through spectrum auction

Hungary is utilising previously unallocated spectrum for mobile broadband Hungary has raised a total of HUF130.6 billion (€418 million) in a mobile spectrum auction in the 800, 900, 1,800 and 2,600 MHz frequency bands. The auction included the successful allocation of previously unallocated bands. The National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungary (NMHH) has sold airwave licenses in the 800MHz and ... Read More »

O2 launches iTunes Codes for mobile purchases

O2 customers can purchase Apple apps through carrier billing O2 has launched iTunes Codes, which allows customers to purchase iTunes credit automatically charged to their monthly phone bill, or taken out of pre-paid credit. The codes are usable for purchases across the iTunes, App and Mac App Stores, as well as for iBooks. Customers will be able to use the ... Read More »

SoftBank reportedly in talks to acquire DreamWorks Animation

SoftBank wants to strengthen its position in the content market. It has been reported SoftBank has begun negotiations with DreamWorks Animation (DWA) to acquire the Hollywood studio. The reports follow SoftBank’s decision last month to drop its pursuit for T-Mobile US amid antitrust concerns from regulators. SoftBank now seems to be setting its eyes on the content market as it ... Read More »

Apple joins 5G research group

Apple joins the NGMN The Next Generation Mobile Network Alliance (NGMN) has announced that Apple is the latest organisation to join its ranks, as the association aims to catalyse the development of research and standards for 5G. The NGMN Alliance is a collaborative effort comprised of operators, vendors, research groups and universities; and earlier this year it focused its group ... Read More »

Using SDN to offset the data capacity crunch

In 2014, operators are feeling the pressure from several quarters. Revenues from mobile and fixed line services are continuing to decline; traditional applications such as SMS are suffering erosion from innovative IP-based rivals; and the traffic across the network footprint is growing exponentially, with customers calling for higher performance and interconnectedness of experience. By the end of 2014, Informa’s WCIS+ ... Read More »

DirecTV shareholders approve AT&T merger

AT&T-DirecTV merger closer to reality with DirecTV shareholder approval DirecTV shareholders have overwhelmingly voted for the proposed take-over by AT&T. 99% of votes cast were in favour of the deal, which, if approved by regulators, will mean 77% of all shares going to AT&T. The proposed merger, first set in motion in May, has been met with some strong opposition ... Read More »

Anatomy of an Apple launch

Mrs Informer, ever alert to telecoms news as she is, was kind enough to alert the Informer to a piece of news being covered by the BBC breakfast team this morning. It concerned the apparent scandal that some of the new super-sized iPhone 6+s have started bending. The thing is they’re not supposed to bend, you see, made as they ... Read More »

BT claims 1Gbps via fibre-copper mix

Copper could be utilised together with fibre in ‘ultrafast’ broadband through new technology BT has revealed the results of its technology field trial showing combined downstream and upstream speeds of 1Gbps can be delivered via fibre-copper mix. The UK telco giant is due to open a new ultrafast broadband lab at its Adstral Park R&D centre. It said the potential of ... Read More »

HP evolves networking channel strategy with SDN App Store

SDN-as-a-store HP is set to launch an app store for software defined networking (SDN) and virtual networking applications which the company said will improve access to virtualised networking tools and help speed up their deployment in enterprises, writes BCN. The app store will serve as a platform for HP customers to download SDN-enabled and virtual networking applications and tools – ... Read More »