Sunday , 26 May 2019
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Episode of CD Projekt RED's Origins Explores Geralt and Rivia and The Witcher Series – NoobFeed

The Witcher franchise is heralded as one of the best action-adventure RPG franchises of all time. Recently, PlayStation has been uploading a series of documentary episodes exploring CD Projekt RED’s history, the studio responsible for the acclaimed Witcher games. In the second episode, we get to see how CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher series became such a hit and how ... Read More »

I-T dept conducts search, seizure against pharma wholesaler in Kashmir – Devdiscourse

The Income Tax department Thursday conducted search and seizure operations against a pharmaceutical wholesaler at five locations in the Kashmir valley. The group was allegedly charging huge premium on life-saving drugs and making extra-normal profits which were being used for investment in real estate in Srinagar. “The search action has yielded incriminating documents and digital evidence that suggest huge concealment ... Read More »

Gwent: Crimson Curse Revealed – NoobFeed

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is getting a new expansion later this month called Crimson Curse. Adding new cards and missions to take on. The description reads: All beware the Crimson Curse! Dettlaff van der Eretein, the mighty higher vampire, is summoning his kin. As the Moon turns red, new breeds of monsters awake. And after a long, deep slumber, they ... Read More »

GWENT Is Coming To Smatphones Later This Year – NoobFeed

CDProjekt Red has just announced that their digital trading card game GWENT that spun off the inrcredibly successful The Witcher series will be hitting mobile devices later this year. While iOS is currently confirmed for a 2019 release, the date for Android is still up in the air and will be announced at a later date. To quote CDPR's Jason Slama, ... Read More »