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Dynamo X Galaxy S7 is magical

By Thomas Wellburn on 13:34, 10 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones In a pretty solid marketing coup, Samsung has roped in top street magician Dynamo to show off the Galaxy S7 camera tech in a selection of photographic illusions. The electronics giant has posted a fresh video online showcasing him doing what he does best; confusing the crap out of people. Samsung’s ... Read More »

Xiaomi Redmi 3 fingerprint edition passes through China certification

By Thomas Wellburn on 12:53, 10 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones A variant of the Xiaomi Redmi 3 has been spotted on Chinese certification website TENAA which includes a fingerprint reader. In terms of hardware, it’s identical to the exisiting Redmi 3 in every way other than the addition of a fingerprint sensor and a smaller battery (3,000 mAh versus the original ... Read More »

Newborn baby sold for an iPhone and a motorbike

By Manny Pham on 16:56, 7 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones Sadly this isn’t a joke, a 19-year-old father sold his infant daughter to buy an iPhone and a motorbike. The horrible transaction took place a year ago when teenager A Duan discovered he can sell his infant child. He sold his 18-day-old daughter to a stranger for 23,000 yuan, which is equivalent ... Read More »

How the Samsung Galaxy S7 is water resistant

By Manny Pham on 15:59, 7 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones In a video by JerryRigEverything we see how exactly the S7 can repel water, and what are its limits.  Water resistance is one of the biggest features of the Samsung Galaxy S7. There were wide eyes, applause and pre-planning of underwater selfies. Basically everyone upping their Snapchat game. Sony done water resistance first with ... Read More »

Official HTC M10 photos leaked

By Manny Pham on 13:34, 7 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones In the lead up to the release of the M10, HTC’s latest device has been leaked yet again with official photos.  The reported HTC M10 has what appears to be official renders of it leaked on Twitter. Leakster Evan Blass chimed into a tweet from OnLeaks, after OnLeaks revealed some interesting ... Read More »

So pretty it hurts – Gun selfie kills man

By Thomas Wellburn on 17:11, 4 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones A 43-year-old Concrete Walsh resident managed to fatally wound himself after posing for a selfie… With a loaded gun. We’ve heard of selfies killing people before; there’s entire articles based on the stuff in dark corners of the interwebs. The latest Darwin Award goes to a man in America who somehow ... Read More »

Galaxy S7 does not charge when wet

By Manny Pham on 16:18, 4 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones The Samsung Galaxy S7 does not charge when the device detects moisture. It’s an unexpected feature spotted by user xxaarraa on XDA Developers Forum, who disclosed how after testing the device underwater and plugging it in for charge right afterwards, received an error message. The message read: “moisture detected in charging port” ... Read More »

Apple create Twitter account for customer service

By Manny Pham on 15:38, 3 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones Apple has launched a Twitter account dedicated to providing customer support.  As of 1pm today Apple’s new Twitter account, Apple Support, went live and has already started tweeting tips. Apple Support has been busy with over 250 tweets and gained 30,000 followers. Apple already has Twitter accounts for specific products like ... Read More »

iOS update reminds you it’s a company phone

By Manny Pham on 12:57, 3 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones iOS 9.3 is currently in beta and could include useful reminders when using a corporate iPhone. Screenshots from Reddit shows iOS 93 could be adding a little reminder, before you start installing personal apps onto your company issued iPhone. Reddit user MaGNeTiX posted screenshots of a message that appears at the bottom of their ... Read More »

Samsung invests millions into flex screens

By Manny Pham on 12:14, 3 Mar 2016 inGeneralLatestNewsPhones $325.73 million has been invested by Samsung to produce flexible OLED displays.  Samsung already has a division dedicated to developing flexible screens, with the fresh injection of cash, ten OLED equipment producers will be made available for the Samsung Display division. With the upgrade production is expected to be doubled from 15,000 ... Read More »