Sunday , 18 February 2018
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How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Nintendo Game Boy

April Fools’ jokes have taken on a whole new meaning lately in the tech world. What started as a mere joke on April 1st this year, has now turned into a fabulous market testing strategy. What are we talking about? Well,  it’s called a “Smart Boy”, a particular concept art that is mentioned as an upcoming hardware that will merely clip ... Read More »

Check Out World’s Top 20 Photos Taken From a Mobile Phone, You Won’t Believe Number One

This past Tuesday, Sony announced the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards’ to recognize and reward, what they say are the best contemporary photographers of the world. Now, this isn’t any small contest, the Sony World Photography Awards happens to be the world’s biggest photography competition that gets approximately 100,000 entries across the Youth, Mobile and Open categories. Mobile is just ... Read More »

How To Play Pac-Man Inside Google Maps right now

Google is always having some fun, while they doodle around with their logo on the home page based on the holiday or what’s trending, sometimes they extend that fun even more when it’s the April Fools day. Just a few days ago, Google sent this interesting tweet out that had its followers going frenzy. You wonder what it was, of ... Read More »

5 Awesome iPhone Pranks To Fool Your Friends

Buzzfeed did a funny video for April Fools Day to prank your friends on their iPhone. Check out the video below for a fun break on how to have some good fun with your friends. They left their phones unlocked, it’s their fault I guess So how do you go about it, well below are five easy fun steps to make ... Read More »

3 Reasons To Use Video For Effective Customer Engagement

It is 2015 and a whole lot has changed from the last few years. No longer are we just building customer touch-points, in this social media and video connection age, customers are demanding and people are expecting more meaningful connections. Connections that build real value, that creates long term customer satisfaction, that drives real revenue. It is obvious that what ... Read More »

Panasonic Launches An M2M-Focused MVNO

Panasonic Launches An M2M-Focused MVNO Panasonic has vowed to help open up the Internet of Things, unveiling a new connected M2M network. In what it admits is a bit of a departure from its typical arena of televisions and white goods, the company has launched an MVNO for business M2M and new connected products and services. Providing customers with one point ... Read More »

It’s your Life, it’s your Career

It’s your Life, it’s your Career The JobCom Wireless and Telecoms Job Board is 1 of the world’s first online careers and recruitment service for the global MVNO industry, but it doesn’t end there, anyone considering a career in the telecoms and wireless space definitely needs to check out Jobcom For all Telecoms Jobs our specialist Telecoms Recruitment Job ... Read More »

Nokia N8 Symbian^3 smartphone review

Nokia is still the largest cell phone maker in the world, but it’s quickly losing market share to Android devices, the Apple iPhone, and other suitable alternatives. The company needs to innovate and come up with something new and exciting. Their apparent answer? The Nokia N8. Features and Highlights On paper, this smartphone certainly has a lot going for it. ... Read More »

Samsung beats HTC for Windows Phone 7 market domination

/ Friday, November 26, 2010, 10:28 am / HTC has a long and favorable history with smartphones. It was the clear leader with Windows Mobile, especially as an OEM for other brands. It also led the way with Android. Unfortunately for the Taiwanese firm, that crown has been snatched away, because Samsung is the overwhelming leader in the Windows Phone ... Read More »