Sunday , 20 January 2019
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T-Mobile blocks aggregator following customer location tracking scandal

helen89 via Getty Images T-Mobile has blocked requests submitted by Zumigo from accessing device location data, according to Gizmodo. The carrier has cut off the controversial company known for being a data aggregator after a Motherboard report revealed that T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint are selling customer data in an unregulated market. T-Mobile also said that it’s nearly done cutting ties ... Read More »

Your smartphone already does it: Redundant tech of CES 2019 – Digital Trends

As we wander the tech-laden halls, booths, and hotel suites of CES 2019 listening to the enthusiastic pitches of PR people and passionate inventors waxing lyrical about their award-winning products, there’s a question that springs to mind all too often: “Can’t your smartphone just do that?” It seems that a shockingly high number of device makers and self-proclaimed innovators are turning ... Read More »

Everyday life on the phone – all you need on a gadget

Image Credit: Supplied What can you do? Everyday life involves several chores – grocery shopping, renewing licences or applying for government services. Gulf News looks at whether it is physically possible for you to get all these activities and processes done on your mobile phone. Also in this package Addicted and dependant on my phone My phone addiction: Always switched ... Read More »

Star Trek style translators step closer to reality at gadget show

Pocketalk, which appeared reminiscent of an early-generation mobile phone, could translate 74 languages and was priced at $299 (AFP Photo/Tobias SCHWARZ) More Las Vegas (AFP) – Once confined to the realms of science fiction, near real-time translation devices that whisper discretely into your ear during a conversation are finally coming of age thanks to leaps in AI and cloud computing. ... Read More »

T-Mobile's focuses on customer service and price seem to be working

Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg via Getty Images No, T-Mobile hasn’t stopped bragging about how well it’s doing. The magenta network offered a peek at what it called its “best quarter ever” for customer additions, noting that it had racked up a record 2.4 million total net additions in the fourth quarter of 2018. About 1 million of those were regular (postpaid) phone ... Read More »

These 5 Baby Tech Gadgets Rocked The Cradle At CES 2019

Black businessman with son in baby carrier texting on cell phoneGetty The average middle-income family will spend an estimated $12,000 during baby’s first year, the USDA estimated in 2010. The average baby delivery alone can cost upwards of $11,000. So what’s a few hundred (or thousand) more dollars on some baby tech to ensure you know everything that happens from ... Read More »

How to fix some of your own broken gadgets

Consumer campaigners are winning the battle for a “right to repair” – which could mean our electrical appliances last longer and are easier to mend. But when your devices go wrong, how do you know whether there’s a ten-minute fix or if your appliance is destined for the scrapheap? We asked some experts for their tips on the repairs you ... Read More »