Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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Why call drops are getting frequent on mobiles – Gadgets Now

Even the Prime Minister’s calls drop, just like millions of users’ do, but the blunt reality is that very little, if anything, can be done about it. ET spoke to executives of telecom companies for this story; they spoke off record. Bharti Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and Reliance Jio did not respond to ET’s questions. The basic, seemingly insoluble, problem, as telco ... Read More »

How Reliance Jio is camouflaging its mobile towers

They are cheaper to build, costing around Rs 10 lakh each as against Rs 20-25 lakh for a traditional ground-based tower and even less than the Rs 12-15 lakh needed for a tower mounted on a roof top. Look closer and that large tulip on the side of the road as you drive into Chandigarh or the majestic palm tree ... Read More »

Realme 2 Pro Review – NDTV

Chinese smartphone makers seem to be following a new trend of creating sub-brands that cater to demanding younger buyers. In the past, we’ve seen Honor from Huawei and Zuk by Lenovo, and most recently, we’ve had Poco by Xiaomi. Now, Realme has been spun off from Oppo. All of them seem to have a singular focus — offering very competitive ... Read More »

Nintendo’s gacha RPG ‘Dragalia Lost’ arrives on mobile

Nintendo’s new mobile game Dragalia Losthas landed on iOS and Android in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The game boasts all the hallmarks of a Japanese RPG made by gacha specialists Cygames: turn-based action (check), anime-style characters (check), microtransactions galore (check), and dragons (check). Of course, you can opt not to spend any cash on in-game characters ... Read More »

Lenovo's foldable smartphone leaked in a video – Gadgets Now

NEW DELHI: Smartphone companies are now focusing on launching their foldable smartphones. Both Samsung and Huawei have already announced that they will soon launch their foldable smartphones. Now another Chinese maker Lenovo is also planning to unveil its foldable smartphone. The company showcased their foldable handset in the year 2016 at Tech World event in June. At that time the ... Read More »

Gadgets, a bane or boon: Will the debate ever end?

Parents of 14-year-old Krisha and her 10-year-old younger brother Shravan were worried about their academic progress. While they did not expect exceptional grades, they were anxious because the kids had suddenly shown a dip in their grades along with other behavioural changes ever since they were given access to a mobile phone that the two shared. When they spoke to ... Read More »