Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Losing Our Wallets: The Rise of Mobile Payments

9:26   New Round of Tariffs Will Likely Impact U.S. Consumers 6/20/2018 12:40PM P.M. Edition for June 20: The White House wants to slap tariffs on an additional 200 billion dollars of Chinese imports. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun says the tariffs, if enacted, would likely hit U.S. consumers directly. Share this post if you enjoyed! 🙂 Source link Read More »

This high-tech gadget at Cambridge Station could make it much easier to travel across the city

A new mobile travel app and public digital information screens have been launched in Cambridge. People travelling across the city by bus, train, bike or on foot can use the app and ‘wayfinding’ screens to plan their journeys. The free ‘MotionMap’ smartphone app pulls together real time and local timetable information to help predict travel times and routes. Yesterday (June ... Read More »

80% of IT business leaders believe employees need mobile devices to do their jobs

A 2018 survey of 500 senior IT and business leaders conducted by Oxford Economics showed that 80% of the respondents believe their employees can’t do their jobs effectively without a smartphone. In fact, 75% said that mobile devices are essential to their company’s business workflows. The successful modern enterprise workforce is a mobile workforce. More about Mobility However, for many ... Read More »

T-Mobile, Sprint lay out 5G merger arguments in FCC filing

T-Mobile CEO John Legere makes the case for buying Sprint.  CNET It all comes down to 5G. T-Mobile and Sprint on Tuesday filed their public interest statement to the Federal Communications Commission as part of their bid to merge. The key message in the statement is that their combination would create a single, more powerful company better able to invest ... Read More »

T-Mobile and Sprint pitch FCC on the merits of their merger

You’ve heard T-Mobile and Sprint try to sell you on their proposed merger, but it’s now regulators’ turn to get an earful. The two carriers have submitted their Public Interest Statement to the FCC outlining the claimed benefits of the union, and it won’t surprise you to hear that they’ve portrayed their move as uniformly positive for the country. They’re ... Read More »

With new updates, Yahoo bets big on Mail’s mobile future

© Provided by Engadget Few things are a uniquely annoying as having to use your email service’s mobile interfaces — they’re basic, they’re kind of ugly, and they rarely provide the niceties you’d normally be used to. Yahoo wants to change that. The brand (which, like Engadget, is own by Verizon’s Oath) today announced a new mobile web interface that ... Read More »

Use These 10 Handy Gadgets to Keep Your Car Clean and Connected

The prevalence of smartphones in our lives continues to redefine how we go about daily activities. From health trackers, to managing finances, and even helpful location-based reminders, our smartphones help us get more done, faster. One area that smartphones have impacted significantly is in our vehicles. With features like Apple CarPlay (now available in a majority of car models) and ... Read More »

'Westworld' mobile game puts you in control June 21st

HBO and Warner Bros. have been teasing their Westworld mobile game for nigh-on half a year. Now, though, they finally have something to show. The Behaviour Interactive-built game is slated to arrive on June 21st — Apple provided the date for iOS, but we’ve since confirmed that it’s coming to Android that day as well. Whichever platform you use, the ... Read More »