Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Field service mobile apps offer usability, new features – TechTarget

As field service mobile apps become more robust and cloud-based, adoption grows with small businesses jumping on the bandwagon. Field service management can range in its capabilities, from scheduling and customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory management and call center functionality. Now, organizations in the service industry can take advantage of advanced technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and predictive ... Read More »

Oculus Go review: mobile VR, minus the phone – The Verge

For the past few years, consumer virtual reality headsets have mostly come in two flavors: tethered headsets that connect to a computer or console, and mobile ones that are powered by a smartphone. That’s starting to change, and one of the major catalysts is the Oculus Go headset, which launches today in nearly two dozen countries. The Oculus Go is ... Read More »

CoinMarketCap releases its first mobile app for tracking cryptocurrency prices – TechCrunch

CoinMarketCap seemed to appear out of nowhere last year during the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, establishing itself as the de facto source for tracking the rise and fall of valuations. That’s brought incredible amounts of traffic and attention. Alexa ranks it as the world’s 174 most popular website, and it enjoys more traffic than the likes of the Wall Street ... Read More »

Stanford scholars examine the lies people tell on mobile dating apps … – Stanford University News

April 30, 2018 Stanford scholars examine the lies people tell on mobile dating apps Lies to appear more interesting and dateable are the most common deception among mobile dating app users, a new Stanford study finds. Facebook Twitter Email By Melissa De Witte For some online daters, the constant contact of mobile technology has made it hard to play it ... Read More »

Mobile Apps Drive Brand Value Proposition – PaymentsJournal

[unable to retrieve full-text content] PaymentsJournal Mobile Apps Drive Brand Value PropositionPaymentsJournalApps now account for 89 percent of mobile media time. Yes, you want a slice of that pie. But app users are fickle; nearly one in four will abandon an app after one use. Phones represent valuable real estate, so if your app isn't providing value, it's … Source ... Read More »