Monday , 20 May 2019
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Why Mobile Apps are a Headache for Critical Public Services – Computer Business Review

Add to favorites Even ‘legitimate’ apps demand extensive privileges, warns QinetiQ. How should security conscious employers respond? There are growing questions over to what extent mobile apps can eavesdrop on their users. And if they can, what can they do with that information? Could a conversation recorded by a voice-activated app get us into trouble? (Writes Andrew Kelly, Principal Consultant – ... Read More »

How Virtual Reality Mobile App Development Will Shape the Future of Business – Business 2 Community

We are in 2019. Traditional mobile apps will eventually face a hard time as the tech-savvy app users prefer innovative apps. The advent of emerging technologies like VR and AR have raised the app user’s expectations significantly. As a result, entrepreneurs tend to jump on the virtual reality app development bandwagon. VR is here to stay, and therefore, VR-based app ... Read More »

Importance Of Augmented And Virtual Reality For Top Mobile App – Customer Think

Augmented and Virtual realities are two extremely essential components for the businesses these days. The organizations are using these methods to boost the education of employees. Also, the improvements in several business projects are seeing enhancement because of AR and VR. There are several training programs these days to educate people about the use of these. Here we are going ... Read More »

G Suite basic mobile management now supports Android app management – 9to5Google

Besides providing services like Gmail and Google Drive, G Suite allows administrators to control what apps users can and cannot install on work devices. These Play Store distribution features are now available as part of basic mobile management. G Suite’s mobile management features are available in “basic” and “advanced” tiers depending on the kind of features an organizaiton needs. In ... Read More »