Monday , 20 May 2019
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Mobile apps give the blind and visually impaired a new sense of freedom – CNET

Earth Kidkul (pictured right) at the Braille Institute.  The Braille Institute Ask anyone who was around before smartphones, and they’ll tell you life was different. But for Nutsiri “Earth” Kidkul, who went blind eight years ago, life-changing doesn’t begin to describe the impact of mobile apps. Before specialized apps came along, Kidkul would have to plan and prepare much more ... Read More »

Make the Move from Mobile Apps to Next-Generation Progressive Web Applications – CIO

Consumers are becoming more reliant on their smartphones and personal devices every day. Adobe’s research found that 40% of transactions in 2018 were completed on mobile devices. Naturally, then, consumers are increasingly unwilling to accept slow speeds, persnickety applications, and other problematic aspects of the mobile experience. What’s needed is a new approach to deliver an optimal user experience. The ... Read More »

SEA’s Top Mobile E-Commerce Shopping Apps In Q1 – ValueWalk

The Biggest E-commerce Website and Apps in Southeast Asia – The Map of E-commerce Q1 2019 kreatikar / Pixabay Ranking the Top Mobile E-commerce Shopping Apps in Partnership with App Annie Intelligence and the Top Websites with data from SimilarWeb [REITs] Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Mobile applications today play a vital role in the development of e-commerce. ... Read More »

Chennai: Caught in vortex of mobile apps – Deccan Chronicle

<!– –>  There are different apps like for entertainment, travel, food, news, books, handling depression, health, zodiac, weather and many more. These apps attract people to explore them and get them in their trap and earn double the amount. Chennai: Nowadays, there is a mobile app for everything. But, are these apps making life simpler for us, or are they ... Read More »

How Mobile Apps Catch On to Ramadan: Commercialization or Social Potential? – Egyptian Streets

How Mobile Apps Catch On to Ramadan: Commercialization or Social Potential? Credit: Pakwired It is not news that the digital era has also affected Ramadan, rendering the holy month of fasting and prayer subject to constant social media innovations, ever-expanding commercialization and various forms of mediation. Media consumption in the Arab world reportedly undergoes a huge spike during Ramadan, a ... Read More »

The Most Critical Mobile App Security Tips for Application Development Companies – CPO Magazine

Thanks to overabundance of application development companies, mobile app developers worldwide are constantly feeling the heat of competition. Mobile app security is now an important factor for all of them to stay competitive. As businesses are increasingly going mobile, protecting consumer data and privacy has become a high priority for brands. So, when building a mobile app, you need to ... Read More »

Samsung leaked SmartThings source code and keys used to sign mobile apps – Android Police

In amidst the Google-y goodness that is the yearly I/O conference, Samsung had to go and try to steal some of the spotlight. You might be wondering how, exactly, the electronics giant is going about this. TechCrunch broke the news this morning that a development lab within the company has actually been leaking important information like the SmartThings source code ... Read More »

Google expands ML Kit capabilities for building machine learning into mobile apps – ZDNet

More Google I/O Google on Tuesday announced several updates to Firebase, its mobile development platform. Notably, Google is launching new capabilities for ML Kit, the machine learning SDK that comes with ready-to-use, on-device and cloud-based APIs with support for custom models. The new capabilities, launched in beta, include an On-device Translation API, an Object Detection & Tracking API and AutoML Vision ... Read More »