Sunday , 20 January 2019
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Tackling Restaurant Waste With Mobile Apps –

Restaurants often prepare too much food for the lunch or dinner rush, but startups are providing them with an avenue to market their surplus meals. Canada’s Feedback, for instance, lets restaurants offer time-sensitive deals to diners in hopes of tackling this challenge. Josh Walters, who co-founded the app, said the idea for the service was borne out of a single ... Read More »

Pandora Brings Voice Controls to Its Mobile Apps – Variety

Streaming music service Pandora has launched a new voice mode as part of its mobile apps, allowing users to search for songs, podcasts and more with simple voice commands. The new feature is being made available to a small subset of Pandora’s users at launch, with plans to gradually bring it to all of the service’s 69 million monthly active ... Read More »

Cisco targets mobile enterprise apps with geolocation technology – Network World

Cisco is rolling out a cloud-based geolocation package it expects will help customers grow mobile location services and integrate data from those services into enterprise analytics and business applications. The package, called DNA Spaces, is comprised of Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) wireless suite and enterprise geolocation technology purchased from July Systems. Cisco CMX is a software engine that uses ... Read More »

The Shelf Life Of A Mobile App – Forbes

GettyGetty With technology changing so fast, can mobile app code get so out of date that it makes more sense to just throw it away and start over? How long does an app last anyway? Let’s take a deeper look. Does Mobile App Code Have A Shelf Life? Well, yes. For apps that are written, released to the store and ... Read More »

Knowledge Bites: What mobile apps could you use to learn Luxembourgish? – RTL Today

If learning Luxembourgish is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you might wonder how to get beyond “Moien” quickly and efficiently and get ready for the “Sproochtest” which is needed to be passed in order to acquire the Luxembourgish nationality. While we might all agree that repetition is essential to learning Luxembourgish, how can we ensure we practice the language ... Read More »

How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing the Future of E-Learning – MarTech Series

Food, groceries, beauty care, shopping, transportation, banking —  there’s an app for everything out there. Apps make our life so convenient that imagining a single day without them seems like a nightmare. What’s more, apps have even been introduced in the field of learning. The traditional mindset of learning is changing with a boom in the corporate and business sector. ... Read More »