Tuesday , 11 December 2018
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LG’s child-tracking bracelets are terrifying

Get ready for the latest trend in wearables: the total annihilation of privacy. LG is gearing up to launch “KizON,” a wristband that plots a child’s every move via a built-in GPS sensor. The device is set to launch in South Korea this month and will arrive in the U.S. and Europe later on this year, according to the Guardian. LG’s KizON device certainly isn’t the first of ... Read More »

After nine years of research, Numenta finally has apps that mimic the way the brain works (interview)

Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky started Numenta nine years ago to create software that was modeled after the way the human brain processes information. It has taken longer than expected, but the Redwood City, Calif.-based startup recently held an open house to show how much progress it has made. Hawkins and Dubinsky are tenacious troopers for sticking with it. Hawkins, ... Read More »

Google Maps’ latest feature lets you measure distance & draw on the world

Above: Google Maps’ measurement tool shows how far you have to travel to demonstrate your love for Hawaii. Image Credit: Screenshot by Eric Blattberg / VentureBeat Thanks to Google Maps’ new measurement tool, this reporter now knows his apartment is exactly 2.88 miles from VentureBeat’s New York office and 2,556.26 miles from VentureBeat’s San Francisco office. You, too, can acquire ... Read More »

Stealth startup vArmour wants to bring security back to data centers

New startup vArmour is joining the mix to solve a persistent data center security problem: How do enterprises keep information safe as file storage increasingly becomes virtual? There was a time when companies stored sensitive files on specific hardware — that is no longer the case. Cloud technology has made it so that files aren’t stored on one particular hard drive ... Read More »

Vevo gives its Android app a major overhaul

Above: Vevo’s new Android app. Image Credit: Vevo Music video service Vevo just announced its “biggest update” for Android yet, touting major changes to the app’s user interface and streaming tech. The Android app’s redesigned home screen features a real-time feed, like Vevo’s current iOS app. Vevo regularly updates the feed with new music video premieres, original content, recommended playlists, and artist news, the company ... Read More »

‘Draw me like one of your French girls,’ says app that raised $500K

On French Girls, users snap selfies and draw strangers. The app just crossed one million downloads and its creator, Appek, today announced a $500,000 seed round led by actress-singer Christina Milian and American football player Larry English. The French Girls app first made its debut in January and was named in reference to the famous “draw me like one of your French girls” ... Read More »

Forever™ Guarantee Fund Posts Strong Results

Check out our press release hub, powered by Business Wire. It’s a one stop shop for industry announcements to help you stay on top of the latest technology and investment trends. Get the scoop here. PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 9, 2014– Forever, Inc. announced today that the Forever™ Guarantee Fund achieved strong investment returns of +7.7% in the first half of 2014. The Forever Guarantee Fund was ... Read More »

Smartphones changed the way people shop, but they won’t kill local commerce (study)

A new study suggests that the explosive adoption of mobile devices will help, not hurt brick and mortar shops – challenging the fear that ecommerce firms like Amazon are a death knell to local commerce. Commissioned by G/O Digital, a marketing firm owned the Gannett media empire, the new study recorded the shopping preferences of 13,000 smartphone and tablet-wielding adults and found that smartphones ... Read More »

Five things that drove $12.5B in game company acquisitions in the past year

Above: Digi-Capital explains game consolidation. Image Credit: Digi-Capital In the past 12 months, more than $12.5 billion in game company acquisitions have been announced, according to a report by game advisory firm Digi-Capital. London-based Digi-Capital said in its second-quarter report that mobile led the way with $4.6 billion in deals in the past year, followed by $4.0 billion in massively multiplayer ... Read More »