Wednesday , 17 October 2018
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Bitcoin market value grows 800%, and other stats from an amazing year (chart)

Bitcoin has had a splendid year. Despite being an unstable facilitator of black-market transactions created by an anonymous hacker to skirt government control, consumers can’t get enough of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin news site CoinDesk released some impressive numbers on Bitcoin’s year-over-year growth, from June 2013 to June 2014. In absolute terms, Bitcoin seems to be doing well: A rough measure of ... Read More »

Yodlee Interactive’s incubator program gives fintech startups $20K for no equity

Financial tech might not be the sexiest thing happening around town, but one company is putting all its bets on it. Yodlee Interactive (YI), a division of financial software company Yodlee, is beefing up the part of its Next program, making it a more formal incubation program for financial tech startups. YI’s Next program helps financial companies through three periods: incubation, ... Read More »

Games for LGBT audience are finally hitting the market

Above: Coming Out Simulator 2014 Games for lesbian-gay-bisexual-transvestite (LGBT) audiences are starting to hit the market, as evidenced by a couple getting attention this weekend at the GaymerX conference in San Francisco. One new title is Coming Out Simulator 2014, which helps LGBT youth understand their sexuality and learn how to come out with family members and others. Developed by indie developer Nicky ... Read More »

You won’t believe how much these Silicon Valley interns are earning (in 2 charts)

Silicon Valley’s greenhorn high school interns are raking in a lot more dough than the average American, Businessweek reported yesterday. The average intern salary of big data monolith, Palantir, is $7,012/month, or almost double San Francisco’s per capita income ($3,939, measured in 2012 dollars). Starved for top talent, tech giants are recruiting the nation’s top young minds — not just with ... Read More »

Lyft blocked at city gates by New York Attorney General, Taxi Commission

Two New York agencies took their battle with the Lyft ridesharing service to the next level. The New York attorney general and the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) jointly filed a temporary restraining order against Lyft today. Lyft had planned on launching its service in two New York City boroughs Friday night. From the (colorfully worded) restraining order: “As it has done in ... Read More »

A view from the top: The unexposed evolution of telecom in Silicon Valley

This sponsored post is produced by Telecom Council. It’s understood that the view from the highest point has the best strategic value – a 360° view offers constant visibility of surrounding activities, engagements, and threats. As innovation facilitators working as much with telcos and vendors as we do with startups, the Telecom Council is the highest point in Silicon Valley. ... Read More »

With Google Maps iOS update, Gmail invites show up on your map

Google Maps for iOS got a little bit of an upgrade today. For the first time, events from your Gmail account will be added to your Google Maps, so you’ll know where that party is without ever having to glance at the invite. Additionally, Google changed the search function so query results will show up right on the map along with descriptions, ... Read More »

Obama announces program to help small businesses get paid faster, Apple signs on

Image Credit: muratart/Shutterstock President Obama has launched a new program to ensure that large corporations pay small contractors in a more timely fashion to increase cash flow through the supply chain, the White House announced this morning. Twenty-six corporations have already signed on, including tech giants Apple, IBM, and Salesforce. The Obama administration held a meeting with businesses, their suppliers, and ... Read More »

SoundCloud to record labels: Don’t sue us and we’ll cut you in

SoundCloud, the Berlin-based audio streaming site, is getting worried about copyright violations on its site. SoundCloud is like YouTube for audio; it allows anybody to upload any kind of audio. This naturally opens the door to people uploading copyrighted audio. Just as YouTube has had to do, SoundCloud now wants to work out agreements with copyright holders over what to do ... Read More »

People-powered radio: YouTube launches crowdsourced music program with SiriusXM

A new radio show on SiriusXM, programmed by YouTube fans, starts today. Current Analysis analyst Brad Shimmin told VentureBeat that this kind of crowd-based programming “represents both the peril and promise of analytics-driven content.” He noted that, even as the Google-owned YouTube “is exploring some monetization models more aggressively,” too much of this kind of democratic program selection could jeopardize ... Read More »