Friday , 18 January 2019
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Speaktoit raises $2.6M to build an army of ‘personal assistants’

Image Credit: Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeat Speaktoit, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based developer of human-computer interaction technologies, announced today that it has raised $2.6 million in Series B funding. The company develops what it calls an “intelligent companion,” which acts like Apple’s Siri, executing actions based on voice commands. Think of it as having a personal assistant who is accessible on more than just your phone ... Read More »

Baidu brings its search engine to Brazil

Baidu has turned on its search engine in another country outside its homeland of China. Brazil’s flavor of the Baidu search engine went live this morning, giving it a presence in one of the growing BRICS countries and helping it stand out more against competitors like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing. The Baidu search engine also recently popped up in ... Read More »

BBM beta launches on Windows Phone to select users

The BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) beta has finally arrived for Windows Phone, albeit only for select users at this stage. Android and iOS devices already have access to BlackBerry’s cross-platform messaging app, but the Windows Phone version hasn’t quite arrived yet. BlackBerry has now revealed the app is now available to download in beta form, but it’s only available to those ... Read More »

Check out this clever Indiegogo campaign video from an “honest” politician

There’s a very clever Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign going on right now to raise awareness about how money corrupts politics. The campaign puts forward a fake super-honest candidate. “People of Kentucky, you deserve complete honesty, so here it is. I don’t care about you,” says satirical candidate ‘Gil Fulbright’ in his fake Kentucky Senate race speech. “Unless you are a donor, a lobbyist ... Read More »

Future dystopian dating kit for only $199 predicts lasting love from genetics

A new frontier in quantified self has arrived: measuring the genetic compatibility of young lovers. Canadian health startup, Instant Chemistry, is offering a couples kit that combines genetic matchmaking and psychological testing to predict the probability of long term relationships. So, if you love dystopian hyper-meritocratic societies based on genetic determinism, this will be a $199 well spent. “Imagine that ... Read More »

Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited, a subscription to half a million books for $10 per month

Above: Promotional graphic for Kindle Unlimited Image Credit: Amazon After pulling the trigger a little early, Amazon today formally announced the launch of Kindle Unlimited, an ebook subscription service which costs $10 per month. As we detailed yesterday, this launch pits Amazon against services like Oyster and Scribd, both of which offer a Netflix-like unlimited service for ebooks. On launch, Amazon’s catalog of ... Read More »

Listening to the crowd proves a slippery slope for Soap

Alexander Jones believes the home router market is ripe for a shakeup. Jones is the founder of Soap, a new product making its way through the crowdfunding community, and he is right when he says that typical home routers are complicated affairs that few people know how to manage and fewer still use to their full potential. While most router ... Read More »

New York Department of Financial Services drafts nation’s first comprehensive Bitcoin regulation

The New York Department of Financial Services has released it’s first draft of Bitcoin regulation in the form of BitLicenses, the agency announced today in a press release. The regulation will require businesses that buy, sell, or process the cypto-currency on behalf of customers to acquire licenses. The draft builds in a lot of protections for Bitcoin users, but it also takes away some ... Read More »

Vision Critical raises $16M in additional funding

Image Credit: Shutterstock Enterprises really dig customer research. At least, they dig it enough to pour money into the effort. Cloud-based customer intelligence platform Vision Critical just raised an additional $16 million in a round led by Georgian Partners, who now has an equity position in the company. According to Scott Miller, Vision Critical’s group CEO, the Georgian Partners deal makes sense for ... Read More »