Saturday , 23 March 2019
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PubMatic sets May 1 deadline to enforce app-ads.txt specification – Mobile Marketer

Brief Published March 21, 2019 Brief: Sell-side platform PubMatic on May 1 will start enforcing IAB Tech Lab’s Authorized Sellers for Apps specification, more commonly known as app-ads.txt, to help fight fraud in the in-app advertising ecosystem, per materials shared with Mobile Marketer. Apps won’t be able to monetize traffic through PubMatic unless authorized by the seller’s app-ads.txt file after ... Read More »

Facebook tops ranking for mobile app marketing, AppsFlyer finds – Mobile Marketer

Brief Published March 21, 2019 Brief: Facebook Ads remained the top network for mobile apps during the second half of 2018, partially due to its performance in gaming, according to a new performance index by AppsFlyer, a provider of mobile attribution and marketing analytics. Google Ads had higher growth in non-gaming apps compared to Facebook, which likely reflect Google’s “search ... Read More »

54% Would Uninstall Mobile Apps If They Collected Unrelated Data 03/20/2019 – MediaPost Communications

Instagram’s in-app checkout announced Tuesday leaves questions about who owns the purchase data and whether consumers feel comfortable about giving up an increasing amount of information to a Facebook subsidiary, though the company says it won’t share the data with others. Overall, consumers have become leery of third party companies using their private data. In a recent consumer data privacy ... Read More »

Guardian Mobile Fireweall blocks the apps that grab your data – Fast Company

Will Strafach is best known for being an early and frequent jailbreaker of Apple’s iOS operating system for iPhones and iPads. But Strafach has always aimed for the white-hat side of the hacking ethical divide. He’s in favor of people having more control of what apps they use–and receiving better disclosure about where information on their phones winds up. advertisement ... Read More »

Guardsquare now Protects JavaScript Hybrid Mobile Apps – Business Wire

LEUVEN, Belgium–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Guardsquare, the global reference in mobile protection, announces that DexGuard now protects JavaScript hybrid mobile applications for Android. The latest version of their state-of-the-art mobile security software, DexGuard 8.4, extends the existing code hardening capabilities with JavaScript obfuscation to provide superior protection to Android apps built with frameworks such as Cordova, Ionic and ReactNative. DexGuard currently provides its cutting-edge security solutions to the full-range ... Read More »