Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Forrester: Bank mobile apps frustrating, confusing – Computerworld

Mobile banking should be effortless, with financial institutions sharing data, offering helpful suggestions and automating frequent tasks. But according to a new report from Forrester Research on mobile banking apps, far too many banks offer frustrating apps that show little thought given to how consumers interact with their financial institutions — or at least how they should. “Banks too often ... Read More »

Top Trending Cross-Platform Mobile App Frameworks for 2019 – Customer Think

Introduction Many enterprises are making changes in their business processes by switching to the use of mobile applications. They reach their target audiences faster and easier using these mobile applications. However, there is competitiveness in the mobile app industry where choosing the right framework, platform, and development process are essential. The Android and iOS platforms are the major platforms used ... Read More »

A Huge Chinese Video App Is Charging People, Draining Their Batteries, And Exposing Data Without Their Knowledge – BuzzFeed News

More than half a billion people have installed VidMate, an Android app that enables them to download videos from YouTube, WhatsApp, and other platforms. This functionality made VidMate, which has ties to Chinese tech giant Alibaba, hugely popular in countries such as India where streaming mobile video can be expensive or at times unreliable. But it appears that convenience still ... Read More »