Wednesday , 24 May 2017
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Singapore lets telcos test 5G services for free – ZDNet

Singapore is letting telcos test 5G services for free over the next two years, as part of efforts to spur the industry and uncover potential use cases for the next-generation communications network. Frequency fees for 5G trials would be waived with immediate effect and until December 2019, allowing telcos to save S$11,200 a year that they would otherwise have to ... Read More »

Apple reportedly plans to perform 5G internet tests in Cupertino – The Verge

Apple is planning to test next-generation wireless internet technology near its California headquarters, according to a experimental application signed today by the iPhone maker and disclosed by the FCC. The application, obtained by Business Insider, details Apple’s plans to test 5G internet speeds achievable only with what’s known as millimeter wave technology, or mmWave. This is the same type of ... Read More »

Apple testing 'millimeter wave' 5G wireless technology, experimental license shows – 9to5Mac

Apple appears to be testing next-generation 5G data speeds, Business Insider reports. The specific wireless technology is called millimeter wave which could ultimately improve cellular performance for iPhones and other connected devices. Sony A6500 Business Insider notes that Apple has been granted an application for an experimental license by the FCC to test the new 5G wireless technology. “Apple Inc. seeks to assess cellular ... Read More »

Big Questions Remain on Fixed Millimeter Wave for 5G – Light Reading

AUSTIN, Texas — Big Communications Event — Sure, we know millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless broadband is fast, but is it easy enough for users to install themselves and get connected to 5G? This was one of the crucial questions explored in a millimeter wave panel at Light Reading’s Big Communications Event. Panelists — and some industry heavy-hitters in the audience ... Read More »

Real world test of 5G network showed speeds 60 times faster than those offered by the NBN –

5G could let you download a full HD episode of Game of Thrones in half a second. AN EXPLOSION in mobile data traffic and connected devices means demand for a new generation of wireless infrastructure has never been higher. Thankfully, the telecommunications industry is starting to test “5G” networks — the next generation of wireless technology that will replace 4G. ... Read More »

What you need to know: 3GPP's accelerated 5G NR timeline – RCR Wireless News

Despite the deluge of news and marketing around 5G and the ongoing lab and field trials being conducted worldwide, the fact is there’s still no agreed-upon standard for 5G New Radio. However, 3GPP, the international body that oversees the standardization process, has made such significant progress that, following a march plenary session in Dubrovnik, Croatia, there’s an accelerated timeline for ... Read More »

Verizon drafts off Indianapolis 500 to hype 5G – CNET

Verizon and Ericsson trucks ready for the Indy 500. Verizon Verizon is hoping that auto racing fans on hand for the Indianapolis 500 will take a look at ultra-high speeds of another sort. The company said Monday that it has worked with Ericsson and Intel to set up a house near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with 5G mobile fixed broadband ... Read More »

STC successfully tests innovative 5G technologies – Arab News

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Huawei have jointly announced the successful trial of the first 5G innovative Massive MIMO network in MENA region. STC completed the testing of the latest 3.5GHz Massive MIMO technology, which is considered as a cornerstone technology enabling core 5G services. It uses a large number of antennas and beam forming to enhance spectrum multiplexing among ... Read More »