Friday , 20 October 2017
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Huawei attains 20Gbps in 5G dual-connectivity test – ZDNet

Huawei has announced the completion of dual-connectivity technology verification during a 5G trial with Korean telco LG U+ in Seoul, providing 20Gbps downlink speeds by simultaneously linking two 5G base stations. The trial took place using a 3.5GHz base station and a 28GHz base station at an LG U+ test base in the Korean capital, with Huawei saying that the ... Read More »

Qualcomm aims for lead in wireless race, makes first 5G modem … – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Qualcomm is aiming to grab the pole position in the race toward next generation 5G wireless technology, which promises to bring ultra-fast speeds to smartphones while enabling billions of additional gadgets to connect to mobile networks. The San Diego company said Tuesday that it has made the first data connection using smartphone sized chips on millimeter wave frequency bands — ... Read More »

'First 5G mobile net connection' claimed by Qualcomm – BBC News

Qualcomm has demonstrated mobile internet speeds of 1Gbps using a 5G smartphone chip. The chipset manufacturer claims this is the first working 5G data connection on a mobile device. The fifth generation of the mobile network does not yet exist, but it promises faster data speeds and more bandwidth to carry more web traffic. Qualcomm is describing the demonstration as ... Read More »

Verizon announces 'accelerated' 5G trials and launch – ZDNet

United States carrier Verizon has announced that it will be moving to accelerate its 5G New Radio (NR) field trials with a goal of launching its next-generation networks in 2019 alongside partners Qualcomm and Novatel Wireless. “We have a tremendous excitement around 5G, and today we made a great announcement to our commitment of driving the 5G ecosystem,” Verizon SVP ... Read More »

Qualcomm's 5G dreams are closer to reality – Engadget

A year after Qualcomm introduced its first 5G modem, the Snapdragon X50, the company is making another next-generation mobile push. Qualcomm announced today that it’s made the first 5G data connection using the X50, which reached gigabit speeds using the 28 GHz millimeter wave spectrum. Additionally, the company is also debuting its first 5G smartphone reference design, which will help ... Read More »