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Buy Hubsan X4 H502E 2.4G Drone For Only $58.99 On GearBest [Coupon Code]

Buy Hubsan X4 H502E 2.4G Drone For Only $58.99 On GearBest [Coupon Code]

If you’ve been looking for a high-end drone that doesn’t come bearing a steep price tag or you’re just a drone enthusiast looking for your first drone, you’ve come to the right place. The Hubsan X4 H502E is a great drone for beginners as well as experts and it is currently available at a heavily discounted price on GearBest.

Backed by a GPS-backed navigation system, the X4 H502E is capable of remembering its home (takeoff, point). When you lose connection with the transmitter, the quadcopter engages Failsafe Mode which allows it to return to the home point and land automatically.

Aside from that, the X4 H502E is equipped with Altitude Hold feature wherein you can lock the drone’s position with the help of a built-in GPS and hover it at a specific altitude. The fight control system drives the X4 H502E to return home and land by itself.

The X4 H502E boasts robust stability, sturdy wind resistance and is still easy to control. While the drone doesn’t offer an onboard storage space, it supports external storage card 3GB – 32GB.
The X4 H502E 2.4G drone would normally set you back a pretty penny, but GearBest is doling out a noteworthy 20% off on the drone’s original asking price. As part of its latest Flash Sale, the Chinese online store will be selling it at a massively slashed price of only $69.

But if you’re interested in saving more money, all you need to do is apply coupon code ‘IT$TH02ESA’ during the check out process. By applying the aforesaid coupon, you can save an additional $10.01 and further reduce your already discounted grand total to just $58.99.

On the downside, the Flash Sale price will only be valid for 1 day for the remaining 142 pieces. The coupon code will be valid for just 100 units so follow this link without wasting time.

Get 20% Off On Hubsan X4 H502E 2.4G Drone On GearBest

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