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Brits Find Mobile Working More Productive than Office-Based Jobs

Published on: 3rd Jul 2014

The coffee shop is becoming an increasingly attractive place to work despite a widespread lack of awareness of forthcoming changes to flexible working legislation, according to a new study by O2 Business. Research has found that two fifths of UK workers are now spending over four hours (half a day) a week working flexibly from the ‘coffice’, as opposed to sitting at their office desks.

The study into changing working behaviour found that o­ver a quarter (26%) of workers across the country would choose to work from their local coffee shop if their employers encouraged flexible working. 46% of those polled said they are more productive in this setting, while 47% stated they choose to work from a café as they enjoy the change in environment.

This trend of remote working from the ‘coffice’ compared to the more traditional office is set to continue, despite 54% of UK workers being unaware of the Government’s legislative changes to the right to request flexible working, taking effect on 30th June. A third (30%) of the younger generation (18-24) prefers to work whilst enjoying a hot drink, compared to just 14% of over 55s.

The research also revealed that the number of those working flexibly from coffee shops decreases as the employer gets bigger, with 22% of small business employees working from this space against only 15% working for a company of over 250+ people. Unsurprisingly, those who are self-employed are more likely to work from a local café with a third adopting for this way of working.

Paul Lawton Head of Small Business for O2 said: “It’s great to see an increasing number of people working away from the office and this is something I think we will continue to see in the future. I hope more people will be encouraged to work flexibly in light of the Government’s changes to the legislation.”

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