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Best Android Apps: 19 best apps for Android

Best Android Apps: 19 best apps for Android

Looking for the best Android apps? Our round-up of the best apps for Android includes the best productivity apps, best travel apps, best lifestyle apps and many more. It’s got free Android apps as well as paid apps, and we add a new App of the Week every week.


What is ClickMe?

Sometimes the best apps are the most simple. For those who rely on reminders to organise themselves in these busy times, ease-of-use and simplicity are the main considerations with any reminder/organisation app. ClickMe aims to make setting reminders as painless as possible by allowing you to do so in as little as two taps of the screen. In its simplicity, it manages to really stand out as a useful piece of software.

There are numerous features which come with the app, including the ability to set reminders based on screenshots or pictures, contacts in your contact book, or voice recordings. But essentially, ClickMe tries to streamline setting reminders by giving you one single page where you can type the reminder information and then select the time you want it to pop up.

What’s good?

According to the app’s Google Play Store page, ClickMe “enables you to capture any reminder in a matter of seconds. Click#1: Capture the content. Click#2: Select a time frame. It’s that simple!” This is a fairly accurate description of the app’s core function. It’s as straightforward as opening the app, either selecting a piece of content such as a screenshot or typing out a note, then hitting one of the circles with a time frame in.


You can also select a contact from your contact book as your piece of content so that when the reminder pops up, e.g. to remind you to call someone, you can simply choose the call option from the ClickMe pop-up.

In terms of extra features the app will also provide you with a pop-up after you receive a call. Clicking on it will then allow you to set a reminder to call that person back at a later time. You can even sync ClickMe with the calendar app you already use, or any online calendars you have linked to an email account. Any reminders you have already set in these other calendars will be ported over to the new app.

It all works smoothly and the simple interface certainly helps in accomplishing the goal of making reminder-setting more efficient.

What’s bad?

I had a small problem with the keyboard. When you start typing a new reminder, the keyboard covers the lower half of the screen and the only way to get rid of it is by hitting the dedicated ‘back’ button on your phone. It would very slightly increase the usability of the app if you could hit anywhere on the screen to get rid of the keyboard. However, if the comments on Google Play Store page for ClickMe are anything to go by, the developers are planning to fix this soon, and say they will also make the screen scroll up when the keyboard appears to make things easier.


If you are the type of person that constantly uses reminders on your device this app really will save you a lot of time. The developers also seem invested in improving ClickMe in the future, providing advice to numerous reviewers on the Google Play Store page and promising future tweaks to make the app even more useful. With that in mind, ClickMe is one of the most simple but useful apps I have used, and looks like it’s only going to get better.

Score: 9/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? No | Download ClickMe

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