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BBC adds iPlayer recommendations and personalises Sport app

by Jon Mundy 20 October 2015


The BBC has made some important tweaks and additions to two of its most popular online services.

First up, the ever-popular iPlayer, which now has a recommendation system based on your own viewing habits. Sign in using your BBC ID, and you’ll notice that a ‘Recommended for you’ menu pops up at the end of each programme.

It’s a similar theme for the new BBC Sport app. The latest update will make the sports news you receive through the app more specific to you.

Sign into the app and you’ll be able to create a personalised My Sport page filled with news on your favourite teams and competitions, covering 300 topics and 500 sports. This My Sport experience will also now be synced across all of your devices, “so an update to one device means an update to the experience on all devices.”

You’ll also be able to have live updates and score alerts pushed to your device for major sports.

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The BBC Sport update will be rolling out to Apple and Android apps over the coming days.

Going back to that cross-device syncing update, the BBC has also announced that a similar feature will be coming to the BBC News app over the coming weeks.

All of these updates form part of the corporation’s strategy to create “a more personal BBC.”

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