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Cirrus launches complete Salesforce + Gmail integration on your phone

Apparently multitasking on phones sucks even more than multitasking on a desktop. So Cirrus Insight built a Salesforce + Gmail integration, which means that Salesforce addicts won’t have to tap and highlight text in one app, copy it, double-tap their iPhone’s home button, find the other app they need, tap again, and finally paste. The company is announcing at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat conference ... Read More »

EMC buys data-to-the-cloud storage startup TwinStrata

Data center storage giant EMC gets that more companies want to tap public clouds to store growing piles of data. So it’s been busy designing technology that can bring in revenue while also permitting cloud usage. Now EMC has acquired a startup that’s been working on that goal for years. EMC announced that its bought TwinStrata in a statement today ... Read More »

Cloudian’s new $24M shows cloud storage isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition

Investors are betting big money on hybrid cloud storage as an attractive option for enterprises. Hybrid cloud vendor Cloudian has raised $24 million in new funding, the company announced today, bringing its total financing to $44 million. Cloudian’s thesis is that cloud storage often works best when paired with on-premises storage. That dual approach offers companies the speed and scalability of cloud services ... Read More »

Spark says it can ‘connect’ anything you own (pretty much)

A startup called Spark wants to help you connect all of your stuff — home appliances and anything else you can put a chip into – to the web, and it has just raised $4.5 million dollars to do it. The race to build a smart home is big, and Spark’s tech stack may be able to widen the market. The stack involves two components, Spark ... Read More »

Apple makes a gay pride video and, of course, it’s gorgeous

Apple has put its famous design brain power toward making a gorgeous video in support of gay pride. Filmed over San Francisco’s city-wide pride weekend on June 28, the video shows thousands of Apple employees brandishing a re-imagined Apple logo with rainbow colors, while they march down Market St. CEO Tim Cook tweeted a link to the video earlier today ... Read More »

Google’s Jason Spero: We need to think beyond app installs

Above: Google’s head of performance media Jason Spero with Re/code writer Ina Fried at MobileBeat 2014. Image Credit: Mike O’Donell/VentureBeat How can you leverage mobile to increase profitability for your company? Find out at MobileBeat, VentureBeat’s 7th annual event on the future of mobile, on July 8-9 in San Francisco. There are only a few tickets left! SAN FRANCISCO — ... Read More »

Search marketing company WordStream raises $12M to grow, innovate, and give away more free stuff

Search marketing firm WordStream announced this morning that it has raised $12 million in venture capital to keep growing and innovating. And, CEO Ralph Folz said, to give away more free stuff. WordStream offers internet marketing software for search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, helping companies optimize their websites, landing pages, and Google AdWords campaigns. The company now has over ... Read More »

Songza has a music curation-scaling problem — and now Google does, too

Image Credit: Illustration by Tom Cheredar The Songza team will do great things for Google — but it won’t be because of curation. Google recently acquired Songza for what is widely believed to be their expertise with curation. But Songza doesn’t describe themselves as a curated music service, but rather, a “lifestyle enhancement company,” and it’s important to understand what they mean. While ... Read More »