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Following recent accusations targeted at Nintendo for the lack of plurality in its new social sim Tomodachi Life, it seems that options to diversify life simulating titles are appearing from other corners of the gaming industry.

As part of its newfound mobile gaming strategy, veteran developer Atari has announced a new LGBT-themed title for iOS and Android called Pridefest.

The game is a social sim (like The Sims and the aforementioned Tomodachi Life) that invites players to create their own pride parade in a city of their choosing.

Currently in development for tablets and smartphones, the mobile game involves designing parade flotillas with “attractions and entertainment” in order to increase the happiness of a town.

Players will be faced with a series of puzzles and challenges as they aim to unlock new decorations and festival supplies in order to increase the vibrancy of their respective parade.

As is usually the case with mobile games, Pridefest will also contain social features allowing users to share their personalised parades with friends.

“We are excited to be developing Atari’s first LGBT-themed game that will give players of all backgrounds the chance to play a fun and unique game that represents a passionate cause,” said Atari CEO, Todd Shallbetter.

Pridefest certainly represents a new direction for Atari, a developer that has seen its fair share of highs and lows in recent years.

The company responsible for classic titles such as Pong and Centipede filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013, and then took to specialising in social casino sims and various mobile games thereafter.

Despite the recent Nintendo controversy, sexuality is being addressed in games with LGBT characters appearing in major titles such as Mass Effect and The Last of Us.

Atari has yet to confirm a release date for Pridefest and has held back from releasing in-game footage of the game thus far. You can like the game on Facebook or follow on Twitter to receive official updates about the title.


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