Sunday , 16 June 2019
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ARM launches more powerful Cortex-M processor for IoT

ARM launches more powerful Cortex-M processor for IoT

ARM has unveiled a new 32-bit Cortex-M processor which it says delivers double the compute and digital signal processing capability of the previous most powerful ARM-based MCUs. The ARM Cortex-M7 is targeted at high-end embedded applications used in vehicles, connected devices, and smart homes and factories. Early licensees of the Cortex-M7 processor include Atmel, Freescale and ST Microelectronics. 

The Cortex-M7 achieves five CoreMark/MHz, supporting a combination of high performance and digital signal control functionality that will enable silicon manufacturers to target highly demanding embedded applications while keeping development costs low. Expected uses of Cortex-M7 include smart control systems employed in a range of applications such as motor control, industrial automation, advanced audio, image processing, a variety of connected vehicle applications and other Internet of Things uses. 

The core provides the same C-friendly programmer’s model and is binary compatible with existing Cortex-M processors. The processor is also supported by third-party tool, software and RTOS vendors.

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