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Apple’s New MacBook 2015 Review, Specs and Video

Apple’s New MacBook 2015 Review, Specs and Video

So Apple believes that the future of ‘wireless’ interface and accessories will soon hit the market in the most dynamic way! Okay, we believe that too, but isn’t it ‘too soon’ to foresee future with the way Apple has presented New MacBook with. Technically it only comes with a single USB-C? What? Yeah, who in this era uses a single USB-C? What about multiple ports and a missing headphone jack? Nope, not there. On the other hand, this new Apple Macbook is a thing of beauty with gorgeous design, and some serious new features that will make any geek scream with joy. Are you ready to see this new beauty by Apple.

For all you gadget lovers, let’s check out what this new Apple Macbook 2015 is all about? 

The Launch of  New Apple MacBook 2015 :

Going back to MacBook Air when it was first established, if we compare MacBook 2015 with it, we can witness constructive yet subtle innovation in Apple’s designing techniques. With every update, Apple MacBook grows ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-fantastic. Apple’s new MacBook is beautifully sustaining the legacy of Apple MacBook series with the minimal thickness of 1.31cm. Apple’s strategy of promoting MacBook on the basis of its ‘thinness’ has again won the show for them.

For quite a while, Apple was expected to come with a premium MacBook Air that employs retina display for the best user interface. With new MacBook, Apple has addressed this need by combining ultra-portable laptops with the much demanded retina display.

With the new MacBook Lineup, Apple is offering 3 versatile versions of Core M. First, the Apple MacBook that starts with $1299 base value and configures a 1.1 GHz. Second version of the MacBook starts with $1599 base value and configures 1.2 GHz 5Y1, and third MacBook version comes with a 1.3 GHZ 5Y71.  The last one is said to be the fastest and most effective of all the Intel’s current Core M lineup.

Apple has beautifully paired their first Core M laptop with powerful software and awesome configurations. You cannot find any model that comes with less than 256 GB PCI e-attached SSD- a constructive development for Apple as a company. This is exciting stuff!

How is Apple Macbook 2015’s Design?

From, what Apple originally thought about Macbook’s convertible design, they continue to one up themselves. This new 2015 version is the lightest and the most beautiful Apple MacBook, that is out to rock the world. There is no denying, it looks extremely elegant the way it has been prepared. It is all what your style statement demands, the lightness of this thing is again commendable and flawless, being one of the most noted features of MacBook 2015.

Have a look at some of the most distinct feature presented by Apple in its latest innovation.

Some other Remarkable Features:




Redesigned with ‘Butterfly mechanism’ beneath each and every key.




12- Inch laptop powered with a retina display.

Amazingly light chassis.


Starting Range


Apple MacBook 2015 starts from $1299


Color options


Available in Silver, Gold and Space Gray.


Hottest Selling Color


Space Grey


What’s new


Single USB-C port. Force Touch Track pad- a haptic engine that lies beneath the glass and imitates the ‘click feel’.


MacBook Thickness


1.31 cm Thick.


Operating System.


OS X Yosemite ( same as MacBook Air)


Dimensions ( MacBook base 2015)

Height: 0.11-0.52” or 0.35- 1.31 cm.

Width: 11.4” or 28.05 cm

D: 7.74” or 19.65 cm




0.92  kg




8 GB LPDDR3-1600




12” 2304 * 1440 IPS LCD




39.7 Wh








2*2:2 802.11ac




1* USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type-C, with 3.5 mm Combo Jack.

 Innovation or lack there of? Here’s What’s Missing in New Apple MacBook 2015:

So Apple MacBook is all what your eyes need- style, light, elegance and beauty! But what about some of the basic needs that are important for a user’s daily experience? Replacing the multiple jacks from the side frame with a single USB-C port in MacBook is indeed a bold step taken by Apple. But is it for the better?

Though the design is beautiful in every way it has been presented and how you look at it, yet many Apply loyalists will certainly miss some significant ports in the frame that were used for connecting hard drives, headphone, displays, phones, etc.

The replacement of multiple ports with a single efficient port gives MacBook a stylish edge- making it more concise and neat. However, the difficulty arises in multiple plug-in and connectivity and how inconvenient it will be for users in finding alternate tech solutions. Ironically, Apple is already trying to bank on this problem with a solution of their own, Apple is selling add-on connectors at $19 for all those that are using the old style USB connectors.

Do we have to shed money in order to connect a new device with multiple accessories? Or is the call for wirelessly connected accessories about to enter in the coming future? Whatever might be the idea behind this step, Apple has indeed changed the face of the situation with this bold and stern decision.

Thoughts: Apple is up with a futuristic concern, presenting a revolutionary idea in portable computing and you know we are sure to bet on Apple more times than none, but this one we will have to wait and watch.

New Apple Macbook Video Review in Detail.  (www.mobilemag.com)

Which is The Best One? Apple MacBook 2015 or MacBook Air!

Well, this is a hard nut to crack, yet we cannot say that MacBook 2015 has completely won the game again MacBook Air as far as power, size variation, battery life, and connectivity is concerned. MacBook wins the show against MacBook Air when it is all about a better screen, design, lightness and slim base. Both the systems are working on same operating system ‘OS X Yosemite’ and have a similar range of features. While we will do another feature comparing all the versions in this series, if you are anxious, you can check out the comparison of MacBook and MacBook Air that is being made on the internet already.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Repair and Damage Situation!

With Ultra-thinness in design, Apple MacBook is certainly not for those who believe in DIY (Do it yourself) fixations and experimentations. Believe it or not, but you CANNOT afford to fix the minor trouble in this new MacBook, as Apple has gone more rigid and complex with this ultra slim machine.

You can find the massive battery being fixed in the case- while the other prominent features of memory, processor and storage options are consolidated to the motherboard. On the other, the USB port is also buried deep down under some components, that makes the entire process difficult to replace, remove or repair (in case of any damage). It won’t be wrong to say that Apple MacBook is nothing but a power packed iPad that is conventionally designed as a computer.

Go and check this slimmest innovation from a nearby Apple Store- New MacBook 2015 is an absolute visual delight that you cannot afford to miss! So, are you excited? What do you think about the new Apple Macbook 2015?



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