Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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Andy Rubin’s Playground incubator has closed a $300 million funding round

Andy Rubin’s Playground incubator has closed a $300 million funding round

Former Android chief Andy Rubin has a new incubator called Playground Global, and, Rubin says, the firm has now closed a $300 million funding round and will be investing in new hardware startups.

Playground has said that it provides resources, mentorship and funding to startups making hardware devices.

Rubin says the firm has now invested in eight startups.

Rubin says he’s interested in investing in the technology that comes “after smartphones and tablets.” This could be Internet of Things or wearables, Rubin said.

From VentureBeat

He’s also interested in the software that analyzes the data the hardware collects. “The thing thats going to be new is the part of the cloud that starts to analyze all that information that’s coming back,” Rubin said.

Playground has already invested in a deep learning hardware startup called Nervana Systems, Rubin said.

Rubin says Playground has also made an investment in Connected Yard, which makes a sensor that does a constant chemical analysis of your pool, then mails you pellets to  and it doesn’t buzz your phone, it sends you pellets to put in your pool.

Rubin is also a partner at venture capital firm Redpoint Ventures. He spoke to Re/code’s Walt Mossberg at the Code Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay, California Wednesday.

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