Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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After raising $50M, Reddit forces remote workers to relocate to SF or get fired

After raising $50M, Reddit forces remote workers to relocate to SF or get fired

Reddit’s executive team has big plans for the community news-sharing site’s future … which apparently includes a new requirement on where employees can live.

Reddit has instituted a new policy recently that gives its remote workers an ultimatum: either relocate to San Francisco where Reddit is based or face termination. News of the policy change was first spotted by Basecamp founder David Heinemeier Hansson, who tweeted about the site’s decision to force remote workers to move in a conversation with former Reddit developer Ruben Ascencio. When Ascencio informed the company he was unwilling to uproot and head out to San Francisco, he was apparently let go.

The news comes just one day after Reddit announced that it closed a major $50 million investment from a handful of influential tech industry entrepreneurs. However, we don’t yet know if the policy is directly related to this new funding round. What we do know is that Reddit CEO Yishan Wong spent quite a bit of time yesterday attempting to reassure loyal Reddit users that the new investment wouldn’t bring unwanted changes to the site or lessen its dedication to keeping the Reddit community vibrant and happy.

VentureBeat is reaching out to Reddit for confirmation about its new employee location requirement, as well as clarification on why Ascencio was terminated.


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