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Aerosoles launches mobile-optimized site as mcommerce sales escalate

Aerosoles launches mobile-optimized site as mcommerce sales escalate

The shoe retailers' mobile-optimized site features a clean layout

The shoe retailers’ mobile-optimized site features a clean layout

Shoe brand Aerosoles is taking advantage of an expected rise in ecommerce sales by enhancing its Web site and rolling out a mobile-optimized site with responsive design, suggesting that consumers are not only browsing footwear options on mobile, but also completing purchases.

The secure site, which is fully integrated with the brand’s Order Management System, aims to create a unified omnichannel experience for all customers and optimize the shopping process for mobile and online users. Aerosoles teamed up with Digital Management Inc. to develop the end-to-end solution, which includes personalized targeting and data collection, social sharing of purchases and guided navigation functions.

“It gives you all the robustness of the desktop Web site, including search and navigation of the product catalogue on the mobile device,” said Scott Todaro, senior vice president of sales and marketing of the digital commerce division at DMI, Burlington, MA. ”It easily fits into the format factor of screen as it is very easy for the consumer to digest the material that is being presented.

“Also, it simplifies the checkout experience which is ultimate goal of conversion.”

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Thinking forward
The brand focused on implementing a scalable platform that would offer shoppers the same level of customer service they would receive in any bricks-and-mortar Aerosoles store. After the shoe retailer saw a record day of sales on Cyber Monday, venturing deeper into mobile was an ideal strategy.

New features for the site include an enhanced dynamic search capability with a search bar at the top of the screen that asks the user “What can we help you find?”

Mobile users will appreciate the streamlined layout

The site also aims to help consumers engage in more impulse purchases with its streamlined layout and easier purchasing capabilities. Users are encouraged to share their recent purchases on social media sites or mobile applications, which may prompt friends or followers to venture to Aerosoles’ site.

More consumers are turning to tablets and smartphones for browsing retailer sites, which necessitates brands to leverage mobile-optimized sites or shopping apps to drive sales and make the entire browsing or purchasing process as attractive as possible.

Ramping up loyalty
When users visit the mobile-optimized homepage, they can scroll down to view the “Join VIP Rewards” tab. After they click on it, three options immediately become visible, “Create Account,” “Upgrade Account” or “Register Account.”

Loyalty platforms are imperative in driving mcommerce, as most top brands offer exclusive discounts, sneak peeks and offers for their rewards members. The Aerosoles VIP Rewards program offers members a 15 percent off coupon for use during their birthday month, pre-sale previews and a $10 gift card for every $150 spent.

On the employee side, Aerosoles now offers the ability to fulfill orders from stores and from the warehouse via a customer user interface developed for its associates. A call center is also integrated with the Order Management System for ordering on behalf of shoppers and facilitating returns, additional items, backorders, cancellations and appeasements.

The enhanced search functions also aim to showcase more promotional events for the brand to drive conversions.

The brand is looking forward to cementing its omnichannel approach for the future as mcommerce continues to be a growing force in the retail sector.

“A significant portion of Aerosoles’ customers today use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to access Aerosoles’ Web site,” Mr. Todaro said.

“We are hearing reports from customers who have visited the Web sites based on responsive design that they found the shopping experience to be enjoyable and user-friendly. The ability to view and shop for products from any device provides the customers with a true omni-channel experience.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

Alex Samuely is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York. Reach her at

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