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Acer's all-in-one 360 camera has an LTE connection – Engadget – Engadget

Acer's all-in-one 360 camera has an LTE connection – Engadget – Engadget


Acer has introduced two new cameras at the IFA trade show in Berlin, and while both are 360-degree LTE-connected devices, they serve different purposes. The Holo360 is an all-in-one device that you can use to shoot, edit and share spherical 6.9K photos and 4K videos. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 mobile processor gives it the power to stitch videos in real time, and its three-inch touchscreen display gives you a way to edit your creations without having to use a phone or a computer. In addition, you can livestream and upload finished products directly from the device, since it runs Android Nougat. No need to bring a laptop anymore if you want to share videos and photos of vacations and events on the go.

While Holo360 was made for social media enthusiasts and professionals, photographers and the like, Acer’s Vision360 was made for anyone who wants an in-car dash cam that can capture everything going on during commute. Vision360 is equipped with two cameras to be able to capture everything happening around your vehicle — in 4K, even — as you travel. If you experience a collision on the road, Acer says it will add GPS coordinates to its recording and automatically upload the file to the cloud to preserve evidence. It also has built-in location tracking, provides remote viewing and doubles as an action cam for when you want to record your road trips and outings but can’t be bothered to bring out the GoPro.

Unfortunately, Acer didn’t say when it will start shipping the Vision360, but it revealed that the Holo360 will be available in North America by November. It’ll set you back $429 bundled with a water-resistant case. The device will also come out in Europe, Middle East and Africa sometime in the fourth quarter with prices starting at €349.

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